NHL 23 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide & Tips for Career Mode

NHL 23 Be A Pro once again gives players the opportunity to build their NHL career from the ground up and craft an unforgettable legacy.

Whether you're new to NHL 23 or just need a refresher, our Be A Pro Beginner's Guide will help you start things off right in career mode.

NHL 23 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide & Tips

As you kickoff Be A Pro, you'll get a quick cutscene that transitions into creating your NHL 23 Be A Pro player from scratch.

Details like name, jersey number, and play by play name won't influence gameplay and are entirely up to you.

NHL 23
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START WITH THE NAME: That's where your agent starts, and so will you

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Choosing positions and handedness will affect your play style moving forward, so keep that in mind while deciding what works best for you.

If you're new to the game, going with Center, Left Wing, or Right Wing is likely going to feel best and give you a more exciting experience.

Defense and Goalie positions can push you in very different ways, so having a better feel for the game before tackling those helps.

What is the best Archetype in NHL 23?

The next big decision you'll have to make after choosing a position is your Archetype in Be A Pro, which will affect your attributes and can't be changed once your career is underway.

If you're unsure of what to go with, Playmaker is the best choice as it can be easiest to adapt to for new players, but otherwise you'll want to consider what kind of gameplay you'll focus on.

NHL 23 Be A Pro Archetypes
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BARNBURNER: Tear the rink down with as many goals as possible

Particularly physical scorers are best built towards the Power archetype, dedicated shooters should go with Sniper, focused defenders probably want Grinder, versatile defenders should pick Two Way, and pure powerhouse fighters need to choose Enforcer.

Each of these Archetypes carry their own strengths, and spending some time playing a few games elsewhere in NHL 23 might help decide what fits you best.

How to pick your team in Be A Pro

Just like we saw in NHL 22 Be A Pro, your option to choose an NHL team will depend on what you pick in the Draft section of your career creation.

If you know which team you want to be on and don't want to take any chances, choose to Start in the NHL in order to select which team you'll play for.

NHL 23 Be A Pro Tips
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START IN THE NHL: It's the only way to choose your team

If you want to add a little to the beginning of your Be A Pro experience and aren't too worried about which team you land with, you can start in Europe or the CHL's Memorial Cup.

These paths trigger a set of interviews with teams that, combined with your performances in the CHL or Europe, will affect how highly you're drafted and which teams show interest.

Training, Trait Points & Salary Perks

Once your career is underway, you'll earn XP that leads to Trait Points which are the biggest way you'll improve your player ratings.

You'll also want to take advantage of your weekly Training Hours, which you can use to keep your player focused on specific skills which will improve your attributes over time.

NHL 23 Be A Pro Guide
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GROOVE TIME: Let this studio boost your Puck Control, somehow

As you work to earn money in Be A Pro, you'll then be able to spend it on Salary Perks which offer a variety of upgrades and temporary or permanent ratings boosts.

Keeping your player upgraded between games will give you the best chance for success every time.

How to ask for a trade in Be A Pro

If you're not happy with your Be A Pro experience and feel like greener pastures are the solution, you can request a trade.

However, it's a challenging and risky option that isn't guaranteed to work out in your favor.

Once the regular season is fully underway, you can approach the GM at any time to ask for a trade, but they don't have to allow it.

NHL 23 Be A Pro how to ask for a trade
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ROOKIES STAY: You won't be able to beg for a trade right away

You'll need to attempt to persuade the GM, and failing this can cause your Primary Line Score, Management Likeability, and Teammate Likeability to all go down.

If you're still somewhat early in your career, it may be better to simply start a new save with the same player to choose a different team.

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