NHL 22 Be A Pro: CHL Memorial Cup, Europe, or the NHL?

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If you're starting Be A Pro in NHL 22, one of the first decisions you'll face is where to start your NHL career.

With three different choices providing their own benefits and drawbacks, let's take a look at what each option can give you and which one you should pick in NHL 22.

NHL 22: How to pick your own team in Be A Pro

Getting straight to the point, there is one gigantic benefit from choosing "Start in the NHL" when creating your Be A Pro player and starting a new career.


If you choose "Start in the NHL," you'll be allowed to manually select which of the 32 different NHL teams you'll be playing on.

NHL 22 Pick your team Be A Pro Draft CHL Europe
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YOU DECIDE: Choose the NHL if you want to pick your own team

If you don't choose "Start in the NHL," you'll be at the mercy of the NHL Draft and how each team interview goes.

The actual Be A Pro story and challenges don't change drastically based on where you begin, but starting in the NHL does give you a quicker challenge as you're immediately up against NHL caliber talent.

If you're not as tied to picking your own landing spot, there are a few other options as you get ready to be a key player in the NHL Entry Draft.

Starting in Europe or CHL's Memorial Cup for the NHL Draft

Be A Pro offers two options other than "Start in the NHL" and the differences between the two aren't very significant.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference, as with either Europe or the CHL's Memorial Cup path you'll have a series of early games that chart your course for the NHL Entry Draft.

NHL 22 Pick your team Be A Pro Draft CHL Europe
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TAKE YOUR PICK: Either option will land you in the NHL Draft

The better you perform in those early games, the higher you're likely to be selected and projected for the NHL Draft, but you'll also get the benefit of some early experience and skill boosts ahead of having to play NHL talent.

Once you're on the path to the NHL Draft, your final step before arriving in the NHL will be a trio of interviews with three teams that are interested in taking you.

There will be some persuasion or charm based answers you can go with, and their likelihood of success can vary, so be careful with those if you're talking to a team you want to get picked by.

Usually, the interview where you had the highest Interview Score based on your conversation will be the one that selects you.

From there, the experience in Be A Pro lines up with having chosen to start in the NHL with the primary difference being your brief experience head start and being at the mercy of the draft when it comes to your new team.