NHL 23 Game Modes: HUT, Be A Pro, Franchise Mode & World of Chel features

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The NHL 23 game modes were revealed during the Closed Technical Test so we have known for some time what to expect when the game launches.

There are several pre order rewards available across a variety of modes too, so make sure you know what you are getting before splashing out.

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Be a Pro is back once again, and this is your chance to dominate the rink and build your own legacy.

The usual custom options of name and jersey number won't affect your in-game experience, but your choice of position will!

For those new to the game, we would recommend going with Center, Left Wing, or Right Wing to give you the most exciting gameplay.

Head to our Be a Pro Guide for more tips on how to make the most of your save.

NHL 23 Game Modes

The various NHL 23 game modes available include the standard ones that we remember from last year, including Be A Pro.

Many players spend a lot of time in this game mode, creating their own player and taking over other areas in the game like World of Chel.

NHL 23 Game Modes
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GAME MODES: The Closed Technical Test revealed a few key changes.

One area that has been vastly improved is the presentation and in-game events along with the new interactive Stanley Cup celebration.

These are the NHL 23 game modes that you can expect:

  • Franchise Mode
  • World Of Chel
  • Hockey Ultimate Team
  • EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL)
  • Be A Pro
  • Cross-Platform Matchmaking

The main game modes that people play are World Of Chel, Hockey Ultimate Team or HUT, the Be A Pro mode, and EA Sports Hockey League.

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World of Chel Features

World Of Chel is of the most popular NHL 23 game modes along with Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT).

Unfortunately, we haven't had a World Of Chel deep-dive but once we get closer to the release date, we should have some extra information.

NHL 23 game modes
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WORLD OF CHEL: Check out the various modes available in World Of Chel.

Last year, World Of Chel introduced a new menu and a new user interface that was much more friendly to users. We're hoping that EA will provide another update when they do an NHL 23 game modes deep dive.

The UI from last year had the following enhancements:

  • Ability to customize your player from each screen
  • Easier navigation, even while you're in a party
  • Ability to take your party with you between each mode
  • A new social widget that allows you to add friends without leaving World of Chel

Now, let's take a look at some of the Hockey Ultimate Team additions.

Hockey Ultimate Team Features

Last year, we received a full deep dive on the Hockey Ultimate Team changes and we're hoping that will be the same with the NHL 23 game modes.

More than likely, we'll have another HUT Halloween Event which began on October 30 last year but it could start slightly earlier.

NHL 23 game modes
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NHL 22: The Team of the Year winners were revealed to close Hockey Ultimate Team.

X-Factors made Hockey Ultimate Team incredibly more competitive last year so when the NHL 23 game modes are reviewed, we'll see what changes.

Peer-to-Peer HUT games also received a boost last year, so hopefully we'll see another increase in action this year.

Franchise Mode in NHL 23

We're really hoping that we'll get a deep-dive on Franchise Mode soon as we've yet to hear anything about it so far.

As we near the release date of the game, the NHL 23 game modes will likely have their own individual trailers, including Franchise Mode.

We have received a gameplay trailer that revealed a few things including the X-Factor updates but a specific deep-dive for the NHL 23 Franchise Mode would be great.

The release date is around the corner, so expect a ton of information to drop through the upcoming weeks.

Release Date for NHL 23

The official release date for NHL 23 is October 14, 2022, but you can get Early Access by placing a pre order on the X-Factor Edition.

The X-Factor Edition will allow you to start playing the game three days early, starting on October 11. However, the game costs $99.99, so keep that in mind.

NHL 23 game modes
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COMING SOON: Get ready to take the ice with your favorite team soon.

You won't only receive some Early Access to the game with a pre order of the X-Factor Editon but you'll also receive the following rewards:

  • Dual Entitlement (Copy on both PS4 & PS5 or XB1 & XBXS)
  • 3-Days Early Access
  • 4600 NHL Points
  • X-Factor Women HUT Choice Pack
  • HUT X-Factor Player Choice Pack
  • HUT X-Factor Power-Up Starter Pack
  • 5 World of Chel X-Factor Ability Unlocks
  • Signed Sarah Nurse World of Chel Jersey (Digital)
  • Be A Pro X-Factor Slot Unlocks, XP Boost & Bonus Trait Points

When the NHL 23 game modes are revealed, we'll let you know how these rewards will impact them.

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