NHL 22 adding Women's National Teams, Free IIHF Content hits HUT 22 & World of Chel

NHL 22 is grabbing eyes for the addition of Roster Sharing in the latest update, but they've also teased another massive arrival in the game.

We've got all the details you need on Women's National Teams and IIHF World Championships content set to hit NHL 22 Ultimate Team.

NHL 22 to add Women's National Teams for IIHF Women's World Championships

While much attention has turned to NHL 22 Update 1.30, which brought many bug fixes and the new Roster Sharing feature, there's big news on the horizon.

EA Sports revealed a new partnership today with the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation), and it's going to be bringing tons of new content to NHL 22.

The most exciting aspect is that, for the first time ever, IIHF Women's National Teams will join the NHL 22 roster.

NHL 22 women's hockey IIHF Hilary Knight
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TEAM USA: Hilary Knight is just one of the women's hockey legends joining NHL 22

While it's not been added yet, this monumental addition is set for January 2022, so there won't be much longer for players to wait.

Once that update goes live, the women's teams will be added to the NHL 22 Play Now mode along with the Women's World Championships authentic tournament structure and visuals.

While it wasn't clarified in the latest release, the addition to Play Now indicates we just might see them allow those IIHF Women's Teams to compete against the Men's teams in NHL 22.

They've also added the World Juniors team and World Junior Championship tournament in the latest NHL 22 update, and it includes the authentic tournament structure, visuals, and potential roster updates down the line.

HUT 22 and World of Chel get tons of new IIHF World

While players will have to wait to get their women's hockey rolling in NHL 22, lots of other IIHF content is already arriving in HUT 22 and World of Chel.

All NHL 22 players will be able to get free IIHF content in HUT 22 and World of Chel simply by logging in between December 9, 2021 and January 10, 2022.

You will be required to log in to the World of Chel mode to get that content, and the HUT 22 content will be in the Ultimate Team storefront as a free pack.

NHL 22 IIHF Hut 22 world of chel
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LOGIN NOW: Don't miss out on this FREE content in NHL 22

If you login during that window, you'll receive the 88 OVR Auston Matthews Team USA item and IIHF Ultimate Team Uniform Pack in HUT 22.

In addition, you'll receive an IIHF World of Chel Uniform Bag, and they've shown the Team USA dark away jersey in this reveal.

With the item being a Uniform Bag, it's possible that players in other countries will get their local IIHF uniform, but that hasn't been confirmed.

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