NHL 22: Get ready for a brand new World of Chel experience

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Players can't wait to get stuck into the NHL 22 World of Chel game mode!

So, find out what we learnt from the NHL 22 World of Chel deep dive, along with our Next Gen review below.

Latest - NHL 22 Next Gen Review

It is important to note that this is a review in progress, with the final version of the game yet to be released.

Having said that, there's plenty of new features to get stuck into on Next Gen, as NHL makes the jump to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

NHL 22 review in progress
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SHIMMER: Watch that ice glisten beneath your skates

NHL 22 on Next Gen is the most aesthetically pleasing NHL game that's ever been made, from the nuances of skate marks in the ice to the damaged glass that separates you from the crowd.

To check out our full NHL 22 Next Gen review in progress, head here.

Ratings Adjustments

In the NHL 22 World of Chel game mode, the players experience comes first. EA set out to make a truly customizable experience and they've upped the ante with the new ratings adjuster.

To make the game more balanced, players will have to sacrifice points in certain categories in order to increase others. Take a look at a screenshot from the World of Chel deep dive:

A screenshot from the NHL 22 World of Chel in depth look
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TRUE CUSTOMIZATION: Build the player exactly how you want in NHL 22 World of Chel

Now, more than ever, players will have true customization in NHL 22 World of Chel, which should make the competition that much sweeter.

New Menus

One of the first features that stood out was the new World of Chel hub menu which looks very sleek. The team clearly worked on bringing a completely different visual experience this year, and it'll help communicate the game mode to those that haven't given it much of a shot just yet.

A screenshot from the NHL 22 World of Chel in-depth look
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NEW HUB: The new World of Chel hub makes players feel at home in NHL 22

This new menu better illustrates where players can go in World of Chel, and simplifies it to one place.

The developers were really hoping to create another level of immersion this year, so along with the visual aspect, your EASHL Club will update as well.

New UI

A complaint among players for sometime revolved around the cumbersome user-interface of World of Chel. Along with the new menu hub, this is also a visual improvement coming in NHL 22.

The development team wanted a simpler, non-linear UI, so they worked tirelessly on it and came up with an incredibly user-friendly interface.

A screenshot from the EA NHL 22 in-depth World of Chel mode
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SIMPLIFIED: The new UI makes navigation easier than ever!

This new UI includes the following enhancements:

  • Ability to customize your player from each screen
  • Easier navigation, even while you're in a party
  • Ability to take your party with you between each mode
  • A new social widget that allows you to add friends without leaving World of Chel

More Player Customization

NHL 22 takes World of Chel customization options to new heights, headline by the new X-Factor abilities.


All of your favorite classes will be returning this year, but players will be able to make their customizations more individualistic thanks to the X Factors to fit team needs best.

A screenshot from the in-depth look at World of Chel by EA
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STRATEGY: Build the proper loadout for maximum effectiveness on the ice

As players level up, they'll eventually have five different abilities to choose from.

Here's the layout for the players abilities in NHL 22:

  • Zone Ability (1)
  • Superstar Abilities (2)
  • Boosts (2)

NHL 22 World of Chel Deep Dive

There are so many different features being brought to this game mode that it could be overwhelming when you first start playing.

To get yourself prepared for launch day, check out the NHL 22 World of Chel deep dive below!