NHL 21 Gameplay: Superstar Moves, Superstar Movement, Goalie Improvements & more

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EA have revealed some massive new changes coming to NHL 21 gameplay in the newest trailer.

Let's go over all the details!


NHL 21 Official Gameplay Trailer

EA's most recent stop on the NHL 21 reveal roadmap was new gameplay, and we've gotten exactly that with the Official Gameplay Trailer.

NHL 21 rewards

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The gameplay trailer breaks down new gameplay features including superstar moves, AI improvements for teammate IQ and goalies, and more.

You can watch the NHL 21 gameplay reveal below:


NHL 21 Gameplay Changes

Let's break down the newest gameplay features coming to NHL 21.

Superstar Moves

EA will be adding superstar moves to NHL 21.

nhl 21 cover star

RUN THE GAME: NHL 21 will make superstars like Ovechkin stand out with unique moves

These will add a more robust and dynamic feel for stars in the game, who have unique movement, and signature moves like Sydney Crosby's back of the net bank, and Andrei Svechnikov's lacrosse shot.


This will separate the stars from the pack even more than OVR can.

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There are also new chips, banks, and other skill moves to diversify how players can approach pushing the puck.

AI Hockey IQ

EA is revamping the hockey IQ of its NHL 21 AI in several different ways.

NHL 21 Locker Rooms 1

SEND THEM BACK: Sometimes players would rather send their AI teammates back to the locker room, but NHL 21 is making improvements


For starters, AI in NHL 21 will make more intelligent and realistic decisions, starting with more fluid team movement.

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This will make the game feel more realistic in its hockey simulation.

Goalie Improvements

In the same vein of AI improvements, NHL 21 will feature improvements to goalie AI which will make scoring more challenging and realistic.

nhl features news

FLUIDITY: Goalie movement has been revamped in NHL 21, adding more control and fluidity


Goalies will now move more fluidly between upper and lower body motion, which will operate separately this year. This will also include better momentum management.

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These changes will add more control over your final defensive line.