Is NHL 23 worth it?

With the arrival of NHL 23, longtime and returning fans are always wondering whether the latest installment is actually worth buying.

If you're still playing NHL 22 or are thinking about jumping back into the franchise, here's what you need to know about whether NHL 23 is worth it.

Is NHL 23 worth it?

As the NHL season gets rolling, it's also time for NHL 23 to arrive as it is now available worldwide on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Like any annual sports title, the big question each year is how far forward things moved and whether the new features are enough for players to justify a new purchase.

When it comes to NHL 23, there are a few factors that are going to fuel whether it's actually worth the price for you as a player.

Is NHL 23 worth it
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ULTIMATE CONTROL: Custom Leagues offer unprecedented versatility

For dedicated Franchise Mode players, NHL 23 is undeniably worth buying thanks to the introduction of Custom Leagues.

The customization features to grow and expand the size of your league and adjust every nuance including playoff formats and standings allows for an all new landscape of versatility in Franchise Mode.

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What if you only play Career Mode?

This is where the news isn't as great, as some players do tend to focus on the single player career mode Be A Pro in the NHL franchise.

As for NHL 23, they've ported a seemingly identical version of Be A Pro from NHL 22 that has no noticeable or significant new features this year.

If you played Be A Pro in NHL 22, you might as well just start a new save on it rather than spending the money on NHL 23 just for a duplicate mode.

For players who haven't tried the games in some time, you may be better off grabbing NHL 22 on sale or getting it with your EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

What if you want to play online with friends?

Multiplayer is a mixed bag this year, as NHL 23 heavily hyped a crossplay feature that isn't actually included in the game at launch.

Crossplay functionality will go live via a Title Update in the next few months, so players who were excited about that feature may want to wait for it to be deployed.

Ultimate Team and World of Chel, the microtransaction friendly online multiplayer modes in NHL 23, saw some improvements this year but still feel fundamentally the same as they did in NHL 22.

The modes should deliver for fans who enjoyed them in NHL 22 and want a refresh, but those who already don't play them probably won't be convinced by NHL 23's versions.

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