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NHL 23 World Of Chel: How to get started, Be A Pro, Game Modes and Rewards

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We're only a few days away from the initial launch of NHL 23 World Of Chel but for those with Early Access, they're likely already in the game mode.

There is a lot of things to do within WOC so we're going to help you with a few things that you should get started with.

Ready to Be A Pro and earn a ton of rewards while playing games online?

NHL 23 World Of Chel Deep Dive

EA did a Deep Dive on NHL 23 World Of Chel but it didn't necessarily reveal much other than some details about rewards and matchmaking.

For beginner players, this left them somewhat in the dark as to what they can expect heading into the release date of the game.

Check out the video below (skip to 2:38 for WOC information):

Opening your NHL 23 WOC bags got a lot easier this year but what players really want to know is how exactly they should get started.

That's what we're going to go over first, including the Be A Pro creation screen which is very similar to last year's game.

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How to get started (Be A Pro Creation)

Immediately upon entry, NHL 23 World Of Chel players will be confronted with the choice to go through the tutorial or skip past it.

For experienced players, skipping past it is fine but if you're new, we'd suggest playing through the tutorial to get used to the controls.

NHL 23 World Of Chel
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CHARACTER CREATION: Build the player you want in World Of Chel.

Building the right NHL 23 World Of Chel player depends on your preferences. Do you want to be a goalie, filling the net and stopping anyone that approaches? Or do you want to be a scorer, nailing slapshots from a long distance? You have all the choices in the world available to you.

You can scroll through the templates to see which build is right for you. From there, you can test it out and always change it if you're not happy.

We'd recommend playing through a few Pro Am games before you make your decision.

Game Modes available in WOC

There are several game modes available for you to play in NHL 23 World Of Chel, starting with Pro Am, where you can earn single-player rewards.

From there, you have online modes as well such as EASHL Drop-In, promoted as the "best online team play" game mode.

NHL 23 World Of Chel
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GAME MODES: Choose where you want to level up your WOC player.

If you already have a group of friends or you're looking to play consistently with the same group, head to EASHL Clubs. This is where you can play with friends and compete for a championship.

Here are all of the game modes available:

  • Pro Am
  • Threes Eliminator
  • Ones Eliminator
  • EASHL Drop-In
  • EASHL Clubs

The game hasn't yet been released but there are already several challenges being offered in Pro Am to earn additional NHL 23 World Of Chel rewards.

World Of Chel Rewards available

The rewards in NHL 23 World Of Chel span a great distance from items to XP to attribute upgrades. We've already started earning rewards in Pro-Am.

Rewards come in the form of "Bags" which you can open and check out some of the gear and celebration items available.

NHL 23 World Of Chel
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WORLD OF CHEL REWARDS: Earn all the rewards you can by completing challenges.

Right now, there are two Pro Am challenges available each of which will award you with XP and a Standard Bag, depending on how well you do.

Complete the AHL Top Scorers Showdown and you'll receive an additional bag and 300 XP. You'll need this XP boost to upgrade your player in NHL 23 World Of Chel.

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