PS5 v Xbox Series X: Load times comparison - Red Dead 2, Destiny 2, Batman Arkham Knight & More

The next-gen consoles' release dates are just around the corner!

One of the most-talked-about potential features of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is that they might be able to eliminate loading times.

While this doesn't appear to be the case (with backwards compatibility at least), we can now see a direct comparison between the Series X and the PS5.

The most powerful yet

The Series X and PS5 are the most powerful home consoles ever made. This is exactly what you'd expect from the next-gen machines, and you can see their full specs here.

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WHO WINS? Which next-gen console comes out on top in the performance battle?

To see which console is fastest, five games originally intended for PS4 and Xbox One were tested. These are all that are available, as the bespoke next-gen games aren't out yet.

Red Dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy XV, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World, and Batman: Arkham Knight were the games under the microscope.

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All of the games were timed from their start screens to fully loading single player. How did they perform? We've got all the results right here!

Game/ Console
Series X
Final Fantasy XV
Destiny 2
Monster Hunter
Batman: Arkham Knight

Time in Minutes:seconds

Is this definitive?

Not quite.

While this is encouraging and a decisive victory for the Series X, it's not that simple.

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FALSE DAWN? Are Series X's results reliable?

The five games that were tested are optimised for the PS4 and Xbox One, not the next-gen machines. The next-gen games will be optimised for the next-gen consoles, so we could see loading time all-but eliminated after all.

Plus, these runs were carried out on the engines, not the consoles themselves. When we get our hands on the real consoles, the results will likely be different.

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When you factor in how fully the storage memory is and apps running in the background, there's too many variables to pin down a clear-cut experiment.

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