PlayStation 5's final design may have just been leaked - February reveal, Remote play, Backward compatibility & more

There are several conflicting rumours doing the rounds at the moment, but no-one seems to know exactly when this year's most-anticipated console will be unveiled.

Microsoft got one up on Sony by revealing Xbox Series X at last year's Game Awards, and it has been clogging up the news cycles since.

Sony really needs to hurry it up to avoid losing too much ground on its rival, but a load of information on the PS5 may have just been revealed. 

A leak - which includes the alleged final design and a February reveal date – has just surfaced on 4chan, revealing a whole host of new features.

Continue reading for all the details.

Design Leak

This 4chan leak (warning: the thread contains offensive language posted by anonymous users) claims that the PS5 will include backwards compatibility for all titles, but we already knew that!

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However, a juicy bit of new information is that the PS5 will support ‘remote play’.

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This means that players will have the ability to log in to their PlayStation account on any device, anywhere, and play various games that support mobile and laptop. 

And that’s not all – the anonymous insider also posted a blurry image of what is claimed to be the final console.

Check it out below:

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FINAL DESIGN: ‘Blurry image’ is an understatement

Now, given that 4chan is an anonymous posting site, the leaked design should be taken with a big pinch of salt. 

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However, the leak also contained a bunch of useful information (including a February reveal date) that might just add some weight to it.

Reveal Date 

The insider claims that the PS5 will be unveiled to the world on February 5 in Sony Hall, NYC.

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This would line up very smoothly with Sony’s NYC flagship store currently running their month-long celebration event, ‘Experience PlayStation’, set to end on February 13.

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There would be no better way to draw a close to their campaign than by revealing the PS5 to the rest of the world.

The fact that the PS4 was unveiled at the ‘PlayStation Meeting’ in February 2015 gives this leak some substance, as there is clearly some precedent to Sony launching its projects at this time of year.

Luckily the alleged reveal date is just a matter of weeks away, so we won't have to wait long to see if this materializes.

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