PS5 price officially addressed by Sony's chief financial officer

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Rumours about the price of Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 console have been doing the rounds for what seems like forever.

Many speculated that it could range anywhere from £450 to £900, which wasn't ludicrous considering how the PlayStation 4 Pro will still set you back £350.

However, one Sony investor call shed some light onto the prospective price, highlighting that affordability has been a major focus of the design process.

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Some reassurance at last

The profitability of the PS5 will depend on its price, so the bigger the markup, the bigger the profit for Sony's shareholders.

But too high of a price and initial sales will be damaged, isolating the loyal PlayStation community at the same time.

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The PS5's price was the main topic of conversation at Sony's most recent investor call

On behalf of Sony, Hiroki Totoki explained that they are "analysing the cost, the acceptable price in the market, and platform penetration" before settling on a price.

This indicates that the company has set its sights on making the PS5 affordable enough that it can get off to a running start, rather than leaving gamers hesitant to fork out on the upgrade.

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It's looking more than likely that the PS5 will launch for under £500, and we as a community couldn't be more grateful.

Sony is clearly conscious of the level of profit for gamers and investors alike.

A PS5 Pro?

With the possibility of two PS5 consoles launching side-by-side, Sony could position the cheaper option as an affordable step up for the majority of gamers, while the pro version could sport a much higher price. 

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An angular concept design has been doing the rounds in recent months, but what would the pro version look like?

However, it is hard to see what a pro version could offer on top of the cheaper option, as specs for the affordable version have already been revealed.

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So with all of this new information, will you be able to convince a loved one to cover the cost of a new console next year? It will be Christmas after all...

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