PS5 Elder Scrolls 6: Xbox Exclusive? Phil Spencer hints at exclusivity for Bethesda titles

Microsoft has been making some huge studio acquisitions recently, the biggest of which was their $7.5 billion move for ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda.

PlayStation gamers had fears that this could mean future titles would not be making their way to the PS5. Those fears look like being realised...

Bethesda to be Xbox exclusive?

Sony has long held the advantage when it comes to exclusive titles. Last of Us, God of War, Spider-Man... They're all Game of the Year contenders and all unplayable if you are an Xbox gamer.

It looks like Phil Spencer will start repaying Sony gamers in kind.

In a recent interview with Stephen Totilo of Kotaku, Xbox's head was rather blunt about the power Microsoft now has with some of the biggest titles in gaming.

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WELL, WE'RE WAITING: Gamers have been waiting for years for the next Elder Scrolls

In response to the question directed specifically about recouping the investment without selling Elder Scrolls VI on PlayStation, Spencer didn't hold back.

"When I think about where people are going to be playing and the number of devices that we had, and we have xCloud and PC and Game Pass and our console base, I don’t have to go ship those games on any other platform other than the platforms that we support in order to kind of make the deal work for us. Whatever that means."

Fixing their one weakness

Many gamers looked at the power of each next-gen console and decided they were so powerful it didn't really matter that the Series X was technically more powerful.

The deciding factor for many ended up being that the PS5 promised far more exclusive games than the Series X.

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It looks like that will change.

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POWER PLAY: The Series X is a mighty machine

Skyrim was first released in 2011, and while its age is showing these days it is still an amazing game beloved by millions. The hype for Elder Scrolls VI has been growing for a long time.

The news that it could skip the PS5 all together is not a welcome one for Sony's legion of loyal gamers.

Spencer has noted that any existing deals would still be honored, which means Deathloop will still likely remain a timed-exclusive. But it seems unlikely that Microsoft will let a major title like Elder Scrolls VI publish on a Sony platform, whenever it does eventually release.

That means you can probably kiss the next Fallout and Doom games goodbye too...

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