Starfield: Significant development problems could delay the launch of the sci-fi RPG

Starfield is Bethesda Softworks’ next big project, and it has been in the making for the best part of a decade thanks to director Todd Howard's vision.

We’ve also heard that the science-fiction RPG is set to release before The Elder Scrolls 6, meaning that Bethesda is likely to throw most of its resources at the sci-fi RPG in a bid to get it out before next-gen consoles release.

There have been suggestions that Starfield is supposed to launch just in time for next-gen platforms PS5 and Xbox Series X, but Bethesda may have bitten off more than they can chew.

If the game is in as much trouble as one leaker says it is, it could miss the next-gen consoles’ launch altogether.

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An absent developer

In a post on the ‘Gaming Leaks and Rumours’ Reddit, u/StarfieldLeaker claims that the studio is having "significant development problems" because of its developer, Todd Howard. 

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Todd Howard is somewhat a modern renaissance man, working with the production, development and design teams at Bethesda Softworks

Allegedly Howard is "more absent" than ever, as he is now having to work on several other Bethesda games. 

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And considering how Bethesda are juggling Starfield and the sixth instalment of the Elder Scrolls series, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Another issue is that the game engine uses a "cell-based loading system" which is causing "significant frame hiccups when trying to incorporate fast-moving vehicles", like the game's space flight.

Disjointed development teams

Having several development teams in different locations has been "been really bad for general team cohesion." 

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Communication between teams is key for a fully functioning, pragmatic studio

Bethesda created a new developer to work on Starfield, called BGS Dallas

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It's unclear what BGS Dallas will be doing on the game, but having so many teams developing Starfield could make communication a major issue.

The community is concerned that development issues could make Starfield a bad game, however, Reddit leaks can't always be trusted.

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Bethesda games are often spoken about in a critical tone because of how excited fans get for them - many studios have development issues such and problematic game engines in development.

It doesn't always mean that a game will be bad or that it will be delayed, so we are just going to have to wait for the next official Starfield announcement.

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