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15 Oct 2020

Gamers reporting serious errors with PS4 Update 8.00!

Sony is preparing for next-gen life by updating most of its current hardware.

The PSVR received a rather mysterious update that seems to focus on PS5 connectivity, while the PS4 system update 8.00 rolled out yesterday and included PS5 readiness for parties and chat.

However, the PS4 update has not been smooth and some serious issues are being reported.

Glitches and crashes with PS4 update

Most system updates are smooth as silk. Not this one!

Users around the world have taken to social media to report issues with their PS4 since installing the 8.00 update.

Issues range from friends list not loading to part chat problems and general stability glitches.

The update is working fine for some players, but others are finding it totally unuseable.

ps4 update 8 00 error code 1
ps4 update problems 1
ps4 party chat issue 1

None of this is good for Sony, who will have been hoping for a smooth transition to next-gen in November.

Sony is yet to comment on these issues, and we expect a hotfix to be on the way, but until there there is very little players can do if they encounter these issues.

Party chat recording

All of this comes after Update 8.00 caused a stir by saying players could record and report voice chat on PS5.

The meme makers had a field day with it, and while Sony clarified that they themselves won't be listening in to your chats, it has spooked some players.

All of this could push people toward the Xbox Series X, which launched earlier than the PS5 and boasts more powerful specs.