This is the first ever PS5 Game - complete with box and disc!

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We still may be around a month from the release of the PlayStation 5, but the first-ever physical game has been revealed!

Fallen from the Gods

Godfall is the lucky title to be labelled the "first next-gen retail game in the world".


Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford was the lucky fellow to get his hands on it.

randy pitchford godfall first ps5 game
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All ANGLES - Pitchford's photos give us a first look as the back of the PS5 game box

With pics of the box, disc and manuals, it's the closest we've got to seeing a full PS5 game.


As expected, the designs if fairly consistent with the game boxes for PS4.

back of ps5 game box godfall min
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SMALL PRINT - New icons feature on the back of the box

Icons on the back show the game has "no offline mode" plus "Vibration Function and Trigger Effect support" for the DualSense controller.

The disc itself has a gorgeous white banner along the bottom, and holds the Ultra HD Blu-ray logo!

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