PS5 could put an end to online voice chat abuse

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Sony has had to clarify a PS4 pop-up that appeared after the 8.00 Update and warns players their voice chats could be recorded.

While some have been outraged, it looks like Sony are making an effort to clean up the notoriously awful world of in-game voice chat.

PS5 launch feature

The Party Safety notification that has popped up on PS4 after the recent system update is not yet in effect. It won't even be a feature for PS4 users but will come in with the PS5.

However, anyone in voice chat with a PS5 user is at risk of having their chat recorded and then submitted for moderation review.

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While this has a bit of a "big brother" vibe, there's no doubt that the voice chat in online multiplayer games like Call of Duty has been notoriously terrible and full of toxic and abusive language.

Sony not recording themselves

Sony has made a further clarification that they themselves will not be recording voice chats.

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THAT CLEARS THAT UP: Sony reasures players they aren't listening in

This is a nice confirmation that your every utterance is not being recorded. However, the danger is still there that anything you say could be recorded and kept somewhere.

What's the punishment?

So players can record voice chat, and then report them to moderation with the evidence. But what next?


How will Sony punish players from voice chat if they have been found to be abusive and offensive? Will they put them on perma-mute or outright ban them from accessing online services?

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Given that even single-player games usually require an active internet connection and logging into servers that could amount to a complete gaming freeze-out.

None of this comes into effect until the PS5 arrives, and for the majority of players, it won't matter. But it certainly could open a pandora's box that Sony wishes they had kept closed.

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