PSVR: Update 5.00 released - PS5 ready?

The new firmware update for PSVR owners has rolled out along with the PS4 8.00 update.

What will the update do for PSVR users?

PS5 readiness

The update seems focused on preparing for the PS5.

The PSVR will be compatible with the next-gen console, so it makes sense for the 5.00 update to get the hardware ready to talk to the new machine.

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The PS4 8.00 update did similar things.

Curiously, there is no official patch notes or any detailed statement from Sony about the update.

PS4 8.00 update

The PSVR update was rolled out along with the PS4 update.

It included several streamlining updates and some added parental control flexibility which is good.

It also caused a bit of a stir as players got a pop-up that voice chats would be able to be recorded and sent for moderation.

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This turned out to be a little pre-emptive, but on the PS5 players will be able to record and save voice chat. That recording can then be sent for moderation and potentially punishment could be handed down to guilty parties.

This could help clean up some of the abusive players out there, but it also has something of a "big brother" feel to it.

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