NBA 2K24 Is Far From New According To Some Creators

NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. The popular basketball franchise is trying to deliver a great game. A game that will revolutionize the sports genre, and return 2K to its golden days.

So far, 2K has announced plenty of new features, that would improve the players' gaming experience. Most of these features are gameplay related, which left many fans excited. Users were thinking that 2K would finally fix most of its gameplay problems, mainly its stiffness.

However, most of the creators who had access to the game have a different opinion. So, let's see what creators are saying about the NBA 2K24 gameplay.

NBA 2K24 gameplay is stiff

According to most content creators that had access to the game, the NBA 2K24 gameplay is nothing to write home about. The gameplay is very similar to the one of NBA 2K23, with just a few tweaks.

It seems the gameplay changes that were promised, don't really have that huge of an impact. Despite new dribble moves and controls, or improved interior defense, according to creators, the gameplay still feels stiff.

NBA 2K23 gameplay
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Content creators feel like NBA 2K24 is just a repackaged NBA 2K23.

Some creators went as far as saying it was the exact same game. This news left the NBA 2K community angry since fans had high hopes for this year's edition.

This is also not good press for 2K, since many fans are now pondering about acquiring the game. If the gameplay is indeed very similar, NBA 2K24 will just be an NBA 2K23 with an updated roster.

Next-gen players are especially upset about the gameplay stiffness. This was a huge issue in NBA 2K23, and it seems it will remain one in NBA 2K24.

Gameplay deep dive is crucial

The gameplay deep dive that takes place on 14 August will let players have a better look at the new features. This deep dive can make or break the game.

If the gameplay seems pretty much the same as in NBA 2K23 fans won't be happy. However, if the new additions actually have a huge impact on the gameplay, perhaps fans will give NBA 2K24 a change.

NBA 2K23 block
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The NBA 2K24 Gameplay deep dive needs to deliver!

It's still hard to evaluate the gameplay just by looking at it. Even if fans can see the new features, they don't know how much of an impact they really have.

The features might even be good. However, if the majority of the gameplay is the same, still feels stiff, and the broken mechanics of NBA 2K23 are still there, the NBA 2K community will be in uproar.

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