NBA 2K23: Nate White, John Luck, or Candace Green, which reporter should you choose in MyCAREER?

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER gives players the chance to chart their own path towards becoming a legend, and choosing a reporter is just one step along the way.

We've got more here on whether you should pick Nate White or John Luck in your first NBA 2K23 MyCAREER press conferences, and later Candace Green will also be an option.

NBA 2K23: Nate White or John Luck, which reporter should you choose first?

Working with the media is just one facet of life as an NBA player, but it's no surprise that it's a big piece of NBA 2K23 MyCAREER.

While things start fairly streamlined, the further along you get in MyCAREER the more chances you'll have to make choices that can affect your own path.

After playing your first NBA game in MyCAREER, your MyPLAYER will be faced with the first post-game press conference.

Immediately before that press conference, you'll get an extremely quick and easy to miss explanation of the pros and cons of each option.

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NBA 2K23 Reporter John Luck Nate White
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MEET THE PRESS: Working with the media is part of being an NBA superstar

Things mainly boil down to taking your questions from Nate White or John Luck at the start, and they'll each give you a very different approach.

Before we get to the differences in reporter, either option will provide you with answers that lend towards General or Trailblazer Leadership Skills.

We've got more details here on why you should go with General or Trailblazer and how answering these questions will earn you Skill Points to upgrade your Leadership Skills.

Reporter Nate White

If you want to have more challenging questions, especially if you're confident in your in-game performance, Nate White is the pick.

White does lean towards more hard-hitting questions and will push you towards more difficult situations, but this can still go well.

NBA 2K23 John Luck or Nate White reporter
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CHOOSE YOUR ANSWER: Keep your Leadership Skills in mind as you pick

Above you'll see just one example of the answers you'll have when picking Nate White during the first press conference.

Reporter John Luck

If you struggled during the most recent NBA game, or simply want a safer option, go with John Luck as your reporter.

Luck is, like some sports reporters, an access merchant who is happy to toss softball easy questions as long as he keeps getting to ask them.

NBA 2K23 John Luck or Nate White reporter
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CHOOSE YOUR ANSWER: Keep your Leadership Skills in mind as you pick

Above are two of the answers you'll get to pick from if you choose John Luck on the second question of the opening press conference.

While answers and questions will change throughout your MyCAREER journey, keeping in mind where to go depending on how things look will help you control the narrative moving forward.

Reporter Candace Green

While she's not a part of your initial press conference and occasionally isn't an option, Candace Green will be there for most of the media interviews down the line.

While John Luck tends to be the safe option and Nate White the riskier one, Candace Green fills in the middle ground as a more balanced reporter.

There aren't major differences in outcome depending on who you choose, so just go with what feels right in the moment and pick answers that match the Leadership Skills you're working on.

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