NBA 2K23 Download Size and How to Preload on Xbox

With the arrival almost here, the NBA 2K23 download size has been revealed as players get ready to preload.

We've got details on the NBA 2K23 file size on Xbox and how you can go ahead and preload before the release date.

NBA 2K23 Download Size

We're less than a week out from the launch of NBA 2K23, and that means the game itself is starting to go live on various platforms.

While it won't be playable until the official release date of September 9, 2022, the download can be started ahead of time.

For players who hope to play close to launch time, triggering a preload is going to be an absolute necessity.

PRE ORDER NOW: Secure your copy of NBA 2K23 before it arrives

NBA 2K23 download size
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THE CITY: MyCAREER is likely one major culprit of this massive download size

With major upgrades and the addition of The Jordan Challenge, the download size of NBA 2K23 has gotten astronomical this year at a whopping 152 GB on Xbox Series X|S.

As preload has not yet become available for PlayStation or PC, and the Xbox One version of the game isn't downloading properly, the Xbox Series X|S size is the only indicator we have for those at this point.

PS4, PC, and Xbox One are likely smaller due to the sheer size of The City, but we could see a fairly large download on those platforms as well.

How to preload NBA 2K23 on Xbox

With a download as massive as 152 GB, it's definitely a good idea to give your console as much time as possible to finish that download.

Fortunately, you can preload NBA 2K23 on Xbox regardless of whether you've placed a pre order already.

It's best to clear up space beforehand, as sometimes trying to initiate the download without enough space can cause hiccups as you try and get things freed up.

Xbox players need to make sure they've set their console to allow the Xbox mobile app to initiate downloads, and then search for NBA 2K23 within the app and hit "Download to Console" as seen below.

NBA 2K23 preload pre download
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DOWNLOAD NOW: Xbox players can get things installed right away

We don't have confirmation of when the preload will be available on PC or PlayStation, but they should be up by a day or two before launch time.

As of now, NBA 2K23 looks to have a Midnight ET unlock time according to online listings.

For clarity, that would mean NBA 2K23 will launch at Midnight ET on Friday, September 9, 2022 or 11pm CT on Thursday, September 8, 2022, and so on.

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