NBA 2K21 Next Gen: The W - 2K introduces WNBA MyPLAYER exclusively for next gen

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2K is dominating the world of next-gen hype.

In recent weeks we've learned that NBA 2K21 is basically becoming a different game on next-gen, with better AI, new shooting, and vastly improved physics.

This is all possible thanks to the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But there will also be a new game mode coming to NBA 2K21 that is exclusive for next-gen...

Welcome to The W

The first ever WNBA MyPLAYER experience will be exclusive to the next-gen version of NBA 2K21.

The W allows players to create their own completely customizable WNBA player and experience both on- and off-court aspects of a pro career.


In the Courtside Report announcing The W, Senior Producer Felicia Steenhouse said;

"One of our main design goals for The W was to allow you to experience the career of a WNBA player, both on and off the court. The women of the WNBA are more than athletes and are defining professional sports as we know it in real-time.  Do you have what it takes to lead this league into a new era?"

wnba nba 2k21
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YOUR OWN GAME: Ball the way you want in The W

It will certainly be an interesting challenge to take the WNBA to new heights.

Building your MyPLAYER

As ever, you can use your face scan from the mobile app to build your character, or choose from base selections.

You then have to pick out your player type, where progression is based solely on playing games.

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NEW RATINGS: Breanna Stewart will be the highest rated WNBA player on next-gen

The usual options like 2-way point forward, slashing playmaker, and paint beast are all there.

The last thing you need to do is pick your Takeovers, which have expanded massively on next-gen.

Off the court matters

Sure, sinking threes and winning titles matters but in The W, what you do off the court counts too.

There are off-day and offseason jobs that come into play. 2K has broken these down into five groups:

  • Coach: Think Kristi Toliver here.  These jobs center on improving your knowledge and abilities in the game of basketball. Doing these will be beneficial mostly to your MyPLAYER’s Progression and sometimes Teammate Chemistry.
  • Entrepreneur: à la Jessica Breland.  Learn how to run your own business and become better at making money. Doing these jobs will, of course, be most impactful to your player’s Wealth.
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MAKING PROGRESS: Level up your game in The W
  • Global Icon: Basketball has worldwide appeal. These jobs are focused on reaching an international audience – both for your personal Popularity and the WNBA Popularity. We had Diana Taurasi in mind for this one.
  • Fashion Icon: Did someone say Liz Cambage? Fashion matters in sports and is an important part of the lives of fans and players. Doing fashion icon jobs will help your own Popularity and often give a boost to your Wealth.
  • Influencer: Just like Breanna Stewart or Candace Parker, athletes are influencers and the jobs in this category will help you influence your fans and gain new ones along the way.

As you progress in these roles you'll gain more WNBA contacts who send texts and help you out on your journey.

The W Online

Finally, there is a dedicated online mode for The W.


It's a three-v-three multiplayer where you can use your MyPLAYER and compete against others. You'll earn MyPOINTS toward player progression here.

These are street rules games to 21, so get creative and show off your skills!

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