NBA 2K22: Personal Brand Quest - How To Earn Free Spirit Icon

The NBA 2K22 Personal Brand quest can be a tough one to complete. If you're having trouble you aren't the only one. Players on all platforms have struggled to find a way to complete the quest and earn the Free Spirit Icon.

We spent some time working through the Personal Brand quests ourselves to help you complete them, level up easier, and earn the coveted icon.

Let's go over how to complete the Personal Brand quests in NBA 2K22.

How to complete the NBA 2K22 Personal Brand Quest

The struggle to complete these quests and earn more XP in NBA 2K22 is something that every in The City and Cancha Del Mar is struggling with.

Completing quests in MyCAREER has always been a little vague, with little details surrounding them. The Personal Brand quests are no different.

NBA 2K22 Personal Brand Free Spirit Icon
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HOW TO: Follow our guide to gain the Free Spirit Icon in NBA 2K22

Don't get too down on yourself though, we can tell you exactly how to complete these quests and earn that Free Spirit Icon in NBA 2K22.

How to earn the Free Spirit Icon in NBA 2K22

Whether you're balling out in The City or taking over the hardwood on the Cancha Del Mar, the requirements for this quest are the same.

The good news is that although this NBA 2K22 quest seems difficult, it's actually quite simple when you know what you're looking for and is a great way to earn more XP.

NBA 2K22 Affiliation Store The City
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STEP ONE: Head to your local Affiliation Store

Here's a step by step process to earn the NBA 2K22 Free Spirit Icon:

  • Head to your Affiliation store
  • Search for clothes with the megaphone icon next to it
  • Purchase then equip the clothes and take a walk on the runway.
  • You've done it and earned the Free Spirit Icon.


As always, players are trying to complete these NBA 2K22 quests to earn the rewards that come along with them.

If you're familiar with the "Meet The Designers" quest, the rewards are quite similar. You'll snag some MVP Points, some Fashion points, and most importantly VC.

Here are the rewards for completing the NBA 2K22 Free Spirit Icon quest:

  • +10,000 MVP Points
  • +90 Fashion
  • +1,500 VC

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