The NBA 2K22 Neighborhood May Take On Serious Changes

NBA 2K22 has finally been revealed, and with its first reveals came a release date.

One thing current gen players hoped for was The City to be brought to all consoles. However, it will remain as a next gen exclusive game mode in NBA 2K22.

We've got some new gameplay information due to now-deleted tweets by the NBA 2K22 Gameplay Director.

Here's the most recent news we have on NBA 2K22 and The Neighborhood!

UPDATED - Series of deleted tweets reveals gameplay changes

Unfortunately for some, even after deleting a tweet, they tend to stick around. The Gameplay Director of NBA 2K22 Mike Wang found this out the hard way.

Apparently, some of the features revealed in these tweets weren't supposed to get out, but we have them anyway after some screenshots were taken. One of the features coming to the game will be animations based on size and ability.

Take a look at some of the tweets below:

The tweets of Mike Wang, the Gameplay Director of NBA 2K22
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WHOOPS: A ton of NBA 2K22 information gets revealed in these tweets by Mike Wang

We hope these tweets didn't get Mike Wang in too much trouble, but we're happy to learn more about the game. For a deep dive into these leaks, head here.

The Neighborhood could have big improvements in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is a massive opportunity for 2K to really expand on the new features introduced alongside next gen consoles in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 The Neighborhood Park Courts
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PROVING GROUNDS: The Neighborhood has been the standard for online gameplay in NBA 2K, but times are changing

In NBA 2K21, the development team effectively made two games, one for current gen players, one for next gen players.

While next gen features have captivated NBA 2K players since their reveals, a large majority of the playerbase remains on current gen consoles (and PC, which also runs exclusively current gen editions).

With this in mind, here's some improvements we hope to see for the NBA 2K22 Neighborhood, including its many game modes and areas, like The Park, PRO-AM, The Rec Center, stores, and more.

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Matchmaking in The Park

Players have advocated for a matchmaking system in The Park in NBA 2K for years - and NBA 2K22 would be a great opportunity to finally deliver on it.

This system would avoid the many issues that come up trying to get games in The Park, including waiting for courts to clear, finding open slots that aren't taken by premade teams, and getting players to agree to come together at all.

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Expanding NBA 2K22 MyCAREER

MyCAREER is a favorite game mode in the NBA 2K series, and not just for grinding badges and attributes for online play.

NBA 2K21 MyCAREER Junior
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MAKE YOUR MARK: MyCAREER gives players a chance to rise to the NBA - and expectations are high for NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 MyCAREER has all the room to be a huge, in-depth leap for the series with new cinematics, dialogue, choices should they come.

Regardless of whether NBA 2K22 looks to reinvent the wheel with MyCAREER this year, we expect a story at least as high quality as NBA 2K21's. This hopefully comes with some more depth later on in your MyPLAYER career, and maybe even a return of teammate dialogue and choices.

More Neighborhood Events

NBA 2K21 still has frequent events in The Neighborhood to keep things fresh and offer some kinds of players boosts for their hard working grinding characters up.

In NBA 2K22, this is an area where we could see some more development and innovation, bringing more unique and exciting events to The Neighborhood this year.

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