NBA 2K22 MyTEAM: Season 2 Rewards - New Packs, Domination Perks, Player Coach Cards

NBA 2K22 kicks off Season 2 "Build Your Empire" with a bang in MyTEAM. It's time to hit the courts and start working your way to Level 40 again.

For the next six weeks, you'll earn rewards for all your hard work, including another Pink Diamond for when you hit that coveted Level 40.

Let's take a look at all the rewards you'll earn in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Season 2.

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Season 2 Rewards

The rewards for Season 2 look as if they might be better than they were in Season 1. Of course, you'll have your normal MT rewards and tokens, but there are some new ones on the way too.

The packs will be better this season as well and much more diverse. NBA 2K22 is also changing the format of popular game modes such as Unlimted so more players get rewards.

NBA 2K22 MyCAREER gameplay
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FLY HIGH: Hit MyCAREER and begin the rebirth of your player on next gen

Let's get started on the NBA 2K22 MyTEAM rewards with what you'll earn for just logging in during Season 2.

"Build Your Empire" Login Rewards

Just for logging into NBA 2K22 MyTEAM will earn you one of the best Free Agent cards that we've seen thus far.

Upon login in Season 2, you'll receive a 93 OVR Free Agent Michael Jordan for your MyTEAM. You can use this card in Unlimited, Triple Threat Online, and Domination games. The other card you'll receive is an 83 OVR Emerald Dennis Rodman. This card will be yours forever!

Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman in NBA 2K22
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LOGIN REWARDS: Get two cards immediately upon logging into MyTEAM for Season 2

These cards will do wonders for you in your quest to get to Level 40 in NBA 2K22 and claim your Pink Diamond 96 OVR Kevin Garnett.

They'll also help you earn the Pink Diamond Gary Payton in the Unlimited Seasonal Grand Prize.

Unlimited Rewards

Unlimited has a new format! Each player will have 16 games in each tier to earn 12 wins. Once you earn 12 wins you'll receive the Unlimited featured player reward card.

The good news is you won't have to have a perfect 12-0 record to earn the Unlimited Seasonal Grand Prize. For Season 2, the reward is a Pink Diamond Gary Payton.

Primetime Moments pack in NBA 2K22
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MOMENTS: Celebrate incredible moments in the league with these packs

You'll want to play a lot of Unlimited this season for a chance to enter the Showdown Tier, where you could earn a card that will boost you to Level 23 by the start of Season 3.

Be sure to play as well as you can for the chance to enter the 250K MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament.

Domination Rewards

Domination is one of the most popular game modes in NBA 2K22, especially for No Money Spent players. You can build an entire team based on the cards in this game mode.

The third Domination comes to Season 2 for a chance to complete challenges on your way to earning packs and MT rewards. In the main 30 games, you'll face All-NBA opponents from every year in the NBA.

Dennis Rodman in NBA 2K22
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PLAYER COACH: Complete Domination challenges to earn Player Coach cards

This season, your work in the Domination challenges in NBA 2K22 will give you the chance to earn Player Coach cards. Completing each challenge with 3 Stars will earn you a Ruby Player Coach card that will lead your MyTEAM.

At the end of the NBA 75 Domination challenges are 3 games against the 50s-70s, 80s-90s, and 00s-20s All-Star teams. Complete those and you'll earn a Diamond Player Coach card which includes:

  • Diamond Player Coach Bill Russell
  • Diamond Player Coach Dennis Rodman
  • Diamond Player Coach Steph Curry

Triple Threat Online: The 100 Rewards

A huge new update is coming to Triple Threat Online that will give you the chance to hit the Tier 3 rewards easier.

In Season 2, a win in TTO, will not have your opponent score subtracted from your total points. This is huge for players that are looking to get into the game mode.

Ben Simmons in Triple Threat Online in NBA 2K22
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3 ON 3: Hit Triple Threat Online to start earning more rewards

Special Event Cards are on their way to Triple Threat Online in NBA 2K22, you'll be able to use these cards towards The Exchange.

The Grand Prize for getting to Level 40 in NBA 2K22 is the Pink Diamond 96 OVR Kevin Garnett. Earning XP in Triple Threat Online will definitely help you achieve Level 40.

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