Most Overrated NBA 2K22 Badges in MyCAREER

Now that we're in Season 3 of NBA 2K22, players are starting to rework their MyCAREER and certain NBA 2K22 Badges are losing their flair.

In fact, some of these Badges have been overrated since the launch of the game on September 10th, 2021. The question is, which ones are they and why are they overrated?

Don't worry, we'll cover all that below so you know which NBA 2K22 Badges to avoid.

NBA 2K22 Most Overrated Badges

Now, to start off we'll explain what we mean by overrated. The NBA 2K22 Badges we'll mention below are essentially Badges that are inconsistent, have been nerfed, or there are better Badges.

Also, if one of the Badges that we mention is one you happen to like using because it fits your build, that's fine as well. Certain Badges really only fit one style of play in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 Badges Season 3
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SEASON 3: Season 3 is the best time to start reworking your MyPLAYER

We'll get started with what was a really great Badge at the beginning of Season 1 of NBA 2K22, but has since declined in popularity and consistency.

Let's get started with our first selection of the most overrated NBA 2K22 Badges.

Green Machine - Shooting Badge

There are a ton of Shooting Badges in NBA 2K22 and players were excited at first to use Green Machine because of it's early activation. However, somehow that has changed since Season 1.

Now the activation is unpredictable and the boost seems to be much less than before. 2K Labs hasn't done a review on it yet, but we found that you can green more often even without the Badge.

Unstrippable - Finishing Badge

Finishing Badges in NBA 2K22 are great this year and there are a ton to choose from. The reason why we say Unstrippable is overrated is because blocks are much more of a threat to posters this year.

Check out the test that 2K Labs did after taking 100 layups with 85 Ball Control:

Badge Level
Strip %
Foul %
No Badge
Hall of Fame

You can see that even with a Hall of Fame level Badge, you have an over 50% chance of getting stripped. So, we'd say to skip on Unstrippable and use that Badge Point somewhere else.

Giant Slayer - Finishing Badge

Some people might not like this (Playmaking Shot Creators), but this NBA 2K22 Badge is definitely overrated. Mainly because of how short you need to be to activate it to its full potential.

Say you're playing a 6'5" 2-Way Finisher, Giant Slayer will only activate against players that are 6'9" and up. Although there are MyCAREER players around that height, you'll likely have a better badge to posterize them.

The way to activate this Badge to its full potential is by being a 5'10" point guard. If you're that height, you're probably sticking to shooting from beyond the arc in NBA 2K22 anyways.

Mouse in the House - Finishing Badge

This is basically the opposite of Giant Slayer in NBA 2K22. It's a cool Badge if you find yourself going against smaller players consistently. Which won't occur too often in The City or Cancha Del Mar. Here are the requirements for Mouse in the House to activate:

  • 6'10 and Taller players must be 3 inches taller than their defender. 6'10 over 6'7 for example
  • Under 6'10 you must be 4 inches taller than your matchup. 6'9 over 6'5 for example.
  • 6'11 over 6'8 does not activate Mouse in the House and is the only exception to these rules.

Also, it's kind of pointless because you should be able to back down your opponent if they're smaller than you anyways, here are the test results from the 2K Labs test of 200 contested layups:

Badge Level
Hall of Fame

As you can see, even with no NBA 2K22 Badge you should be able to make your layups against a smaller player.

Defensive Leader - Defense & Rebounding Badge

Certain NBA 2K22 Badges just don't have much practical use and that is where the Defensive Leader Badge comes in. There are so many great Defensive Badges, you don't need this one.

You'll give a defensive attributes boost to fellow players, but none to yourself. If you're playing Pro Am it might help, but the boost isn't really that significant.

Badge Level
Attribute Boost
Hall of Fame

Skipping out on this one and acquiring Intimidator, Clamps, Interceptor, or Pick Dodger makes much more sense in NBA 2K22.

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