NBA 2K22 MyCAREER: How To Grind Badges Quickly In Season 3

Season 3 of NBA 2K22 is in full effect and players are heading to their systems to begin working on their MyCAREER Badges.

Some players might be content with the NBA 2K22 Badges they've selected, but others could be looking for a change to create more optimization.

Let's go over how to grind NBA 2K22 badges quickly in MyCAREER.

How to grind NBA 2K22 Badges Quickly in Season 3

After the first two Seasons of NBA 2K22, players may notice that there has been a decline in the way that their NBA 2K22 Badges perform.

That is because there have been updates and nerfs to certain Badges now that 2K has a better understanding of how they're performing in games.

NBA 2K22 Badges Finishing Tab
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BETTER BADGES: Certain Badges might work better than others now

For example, certain Finishing Badges have been updated along with Shooting Badges in NBA 2K22. So, how can you grind more NBA 2K22 Badges to get what you need?

Let's get started with our first way of grinding NBA 2K22 Badges.

Play MyCAREER Season Games

There is a super simple, although tedious way of grinding Badges in NBA 2K22, and although it might seem boring it involves playing MyCAREER games.

You can earn Rep in NBA 2K22 by simply playing these games and targeting a specific area you're looking to earn a Badge in. For Shooting Badges, call for screens at the top of the key and take your shot (bonus Rep for Excellent shots).

MyCAREER Team Practice

We know some are over the MyCAREER game mode, but it's the easiest way to earn Badge points in NBA 2K22. You'll also get bonus points for Team Practice's with cutscene moments. Focus on the 750 Rep Points practices and repeat them each time.

By following this method, you'll earn more Badges in no time and get tons of Badge Points to go towards your MyCAREER.

Head to The City / Cancha Del Mar

It's obvious that most of the focus for NBA 2K22 went to the online modes on current gen and next gen systems. The good news is you can gain a ton of NBA 2K22 Badge Points by playing games there.

To make sure you earn the most Rep in NBA 2K22, you'll have to have a solid team with you. If you're on next gen systems, you can use the match-making function to help.

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