NBA 2K22 Commentators: Every PA Announcer & Voice In The Game

You might've heard some familiar voices in NBA 2K22 this year, that's because each PA Announcer has been added as one of the NBA 2K22 commentators!

This is huge because players can hear each NBA 2K22 PA Announcer depending on which stadium they're playing in. There are also a few different analysts providing commentary throughout the game.

Let's go over all the NBA 2K22 Commentators and PA Announcers.

NBA 2K22 Commentators & PA Announcers

One thing we'd like to point out first is that there is a difference between the NBA 2K22 commentators and the PA Announcers.

The commentators are the analysts covering the game, while the PA Announcers are providing commentary to the crowd. You'll be able to hear both in-game.

This was the initial reveal for the NBA 2K22 PA Announcers being added to the game, however, the commentators are:

  • Greg Anthony
  • Kevin Harlan
  • Steve Smith
  • Brian Anderson
  • Chris Webber
  • Grant Hill
  • Brent Barry
  • Doris Burke
  • David Aldridge (sideline reporter)
  • Blake Suniga (MyWNBA)
  • Tim Swartz (MyWNBA)
  • Brian Banifatemi (MyWNBA)

Full List of NBA 2K22 PA Announcers

NBA 2K22 has each announcer from every arena in the NBA. This was a big addition when the game was released because now there is more to listen to instead of the original generic voice.

Even the introductions to start the game have more immersion because it's as if you were watching the game live and in the arena.

Here's the list of all the NBA 2K22 PA Announcers and the arenas you'll hear them in:

  • Scott Moak – Sacramento Kings
  • Eric Smith – Los Angeles Clippers
  • Vince Marotta – Phoenix Suns
  • Lawrence Tanter – Los Angeles Lakers
  • Matt Pitman – Golden St. Warriors
  • Mark Fratto – Washington Wizards
  • Paul Porter – Orlando Magic
  • Patrick “Big Pat” Doughty – Charlotte Hornets
  • Herbie Kuhn – Toronto Raptors
  • Olivier Sedra – Brooklyn Nets
  • Eddie Palladino – Boston Celtics
  • Matt Cord – Philadelphia 76ers
  • Michael Baiamonte – Miami Heat
  • Mike Walczewski – New York Knicks
  • Mark Mason – Portland Trail Blazers
  • Shawn Parker – Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Dan Roberts – Utah Jazz
  • Kyle Speller – Denver Nuggets
  • Mario Nanni – Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Shawn Sullivan – Indiana Pacers
  • Tim Sinclair – Chicago Bulls
  • Sean Peebles – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Eric Jensen – Milwaukee Bucks
  • Tommy Edwards – Classic Chicago Bulls
  • John Mason – Detroit Pistons
  • Roland Ruiz – San Antonio Spurs
  • Marcus Tucker – Memphis Grizzlies
  • Wild Wayne – New Orleans Pelicans
  • Sean Heath – Dallas Mavericks
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