NBA 2K22 introduces new announcers from around the league

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NBA 2K22 is planning to fully immerse the players this year by adding famous PA announcers from around the league!

Here's who NBA 2K22 tapped to bring the noise this year.


New Announcers Coming to NBA 2K22

One of the glaring issues with NBA 2K was the in-game announcer. For a long time, it was just a standard voice, changing in pitch when you were home and away.

Gone are the days of the cut and paste PA Announcers. NBA 2K22 is bringing EVERY PA Announcer from each NBA team this year.

Now, you'll be able to feel like you're inside the stadium with each of the voices of the team.

The above trailer gives us just a glimpse of what we can expect when the NBA 2K22 release date comes around.

Familiar Voices

Depending on how much basketball you watch, you're probably going to find some of these voices familiar.


If not, it's okay and you'll be able to get to know the voices as you play through NBA 2K22, however, they're bringing some classic voices to the game as well.

Damian Lillard doing his signature celebration in NBA 2K22
IT'S GAMETIME: A new level of realism is brought to NBA 2K22 with the addition of PA's

Here are some voices and names you might recognize:

  • Oliver Sedra - Brooklyn Nets
  • Patrick "Big Pat" Doughty - Charlotte Hornets
  • Eric Smith - Los Angeles Clippers
  • Lawrence Tanter - Los Angeles Lakers
  • Eric Jensen - Milwaukee Bucks
  • Mark Mason - Portland Trail Blazers

In-game crowd to get involved too!

One of the new features we noticed was that the crowd reacts to what the announcers are saying.


For instance, when Kyle Speller the PA announcer for the Denver Nuggets says "Jamal Murray for 1...2..." the crowd will finish with "3!".

The crowd reacts in response to a big play in NBA 2K22
THE HYPE IS REAL: Watch the crowd react to the PA Announcers in NBA 2K22

We aren't sure if this will only be for the Denver Nuggets or if each team will have a phrase like this, but either way, it's an incredible addition to NBA 2K22.

Could more classic announcers be added?

Towards the end of the PA Announcer trailer, we see Michael Jordan drive down the court and slam down a dunk.

The Miami Heat clear the bench in NBA 2K22
CLEAR THE BENCH: Player reactions to announcers are going to be brand new in NBA 2K22

Although that in itself isn't new, what is new is the addition of Tommy Edwards, the classic voice of the Chicago Bulls.


Perhaps, there's a chance we could see more classic announcers added into the game this year.