NBA 2K21 Ratings Predictions: Houston Rockets - James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Eric Gordon & more

It's been a while since we've seen a team play 'small ball' so effectively, but the Rockets are leading that charge.

They have seen plenty of success with the small ball tactics, but will it work in NBA 2K21?

Here is how we see them lining up!

Harden & Westbrook to lead the way

Injuries have meant that Harden and Westbrook haven't shared the court as much as the team has hoped. But James Harden and Russell Westbrook are the two men to lead the Rockets into the 2021 campaign.

The two All-Stars are tasked with leading the franchise to its first NBA crown since '95. And while that's still a possibility in 2020, 2021 looks a safer bet.

James Harden - 97 OVR

Harden's ability to score points is quite insane.

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THE BEARD! Harden looks slick in 2K21

The Beard shoots more than any other player in the NBA. But for the third consecutive season, Harden has averaged over 30 PPG during the regular season. He has also put up a whopping 7.5 assists and 6.6 rebounds per game.

He'll be among the best in NBA 2K21 once again, and is in position for another scoring title.

Russell Westbrook - 89 OVR

Westbrook is undoubtedly one of the best players on his day, but has missed some time due to injury, and starts the playoffs on injured reserve.

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DEADLY DUO! Few pairings compare to Russ and Harden!

His 27.2 PPG is his highest scoring output in the three years, but he hasn't quite captured as many triple-doubles.

He'll still be around the 90 OVR mark on 2K21, but we imagine he'll be just below.

Robert Covington - 80 OVR

He's back in Houston for the first time since being picked up post NBA draft in 2013 and Covington has quickly become a key part of the Rockets lineup.

He averaged 33 minutes per game during the 22 games he's played in Houston this term, picking up 11.6 points and 8 rebounds per game.

He'll be around about the 80 mark in 2K21, a big playoff push could see him jump up to an 81/82.

Eric Gordon - 80 OVR

As he prepares to enter his 12th season, it's safe to say Eric Gordon is a bit of an NBA veteran.

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Despite his age, Gordon is still an important member of the Rockets five and with no Russell Westbrook for the first few games of the playoffs, Gordon's contribution is more important than ever.

As with Covington, Gordon will be around the 80 OVR mark.

P.J. Tucker - 77 OVR

6'5" isn't small by any stretch of the imagination, but for a NBA centre, it's pretty small!

That is the position that Tucker has been tasked with since the Rockets traded Clint Capela to the Hawks as part of the small ball trade, and he's done is with reasonable success given the circumstances.

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We can't imagine he'll be too great on 2K though, and should struggle against most star big men in the league.

Austin Rivers - 75 OVR

He won't be in the starting five anytime soon, but Austin Rivers is still a nice bench option in 2K.

The guard has decent shooting stats from mid range and beyond the arc, and whilst his rating won't be amazing, he'll still be able to put up double figures in the second string.

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