NBA 2K21 Park wishlist: Changes, Features, Builds, Minigames & more

The Park (MyPARK) is one of the most unique and popular game modes in the NBA 2K series - and we expect it to continue to reign in NBA 2K21.

With next-gen potential, there's more room than ever to innovate The Park.

Let's go over what we'd like to see for NBA 2K21 MyPARK.

New minigames

While The Park already has some exciting game formats for players to enjoy, and builds to shake things up, minigames could add a lot in NBA 2K21.

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MyPARK has always been built on occupying players in ways other game modes can't - and innovating new ways to play would continue this goal.

Dealing with bugs and glitches

The Park in the NBA 2K series is known for many different bugs and exploitable glitches, something much worse on the PC version.

You'll know the classics right off the bat, because many involve changing the dimensions of created players beyond reasonable limits. This includes making players so tall they don't fit on the screen.

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While these bugs make for some funny characters and hilarious clips, they can ruin the Park experience before it ever begins.

Creating more viable builds

NBA 2K20 MyTeam Lebron James stats player archetype
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OVERPOWERED- The 2-Way Slashing builds dominate everything in NBA 2K20

If you've seen one 2-way slashing guard you've seen them all, that's because it remains one of the strongest builds possible in NBA 2K20.

Despite the competitive atmosphere of the Park and the hundreds of potential character builds in NBA 2K20, you'll rarely see any builds outside of the top ten to twenty because of how oppressively strong these are.

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If NBA 2K21 wants the Park to feel exciting and dynamic, they'll need to address overpowered character builds and traits first.

Improving matchmaking

Regardless of your skill level, matchmaking will have you playing against much better or much worse competition almost every game. That's because the matchmaking in the Park fails to balance teams for character skills and player skills combined.

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When the best stats can be grinded in single player or purchased right from the store, it's hard to balance teams correctly. But to improve the Park experience for all players involved, 2K will need to better handle this matchmaking balance.

New looks

The Park in NBA 2K21 is a place where players go to show off amazing new cosmetics.

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We got some awesome choices in NBA 2K20, so we expect this to ramp up even more in NBA 2K21 with next gen capabilities.

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