NBA 2K21 MyGM: GM mode release date, potential changes, next-gen & more

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MyGM might be the biggest miss in the last 5 years of the NBA 2K series.

In NBA 2K20, GM Mode was entirely redesigned and refocused. Unfortunately that refocus caused more headaches than enjoyment.

Let's go over what we know about MyGM and what could improve in time for NBA 2K21.

Release Date

nba 2k21 release date
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Good luck stopping Giannis on the drive

NBA 2K21 currently has no official release date, but it is slated for late 2020. Based on previous releases, we can expect NBA 2K21 in September, and a demo sometime in the next few months.

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Like always, GM Mode will be available upon release.

Next-gen graphics

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The PS5's new look is as sharp as its graphics

NBA 2K21 will be the first game in the series on next-gen consoles. That means a lot more processing power for 2K Games to work with.

It also means some amazing new graphics potential to bring the series to life.

Despite a lot of pushbacks due to coronavirus, Next-gen consoles are still currently on schedule for a late 2020 release. But as we've seen plenty this year, either of these could be significantly pushed back due to quarantine.

Current problems with MyGM

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One of many horrendous chit-chat dialogues in NBA 2K20

2K Games' ideas for MyGM had good intentions behind them. By allowing players to play a ranked version of the mode, GM Mode could have a new longevity. And to put players into the role, forcing the player to interact with their organization should mean better immersion.

Unfortunately the execution just wasn't right.

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The interaction in MyGM is nauseatingly slow, unrelated, and boring. And the ranked mode means settings are locked in to not reflect actual game-length minutes. With no way of changing either problem, players simply choose MyLeague.

Instead of discussing new strategies with your star players after a tough game, you're asking them if they prefer lakes or oceans. Or where you can buy shoes that sponsor the game.

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And unless you choose to talk to someone in your organization every day, talents will leave.

When you have coaches of the year leaving championship teams because you haven't chit-chatted about their favorite body of water in a couple weeks, immersion is simply impossible.

And for ranked seasons, there's no way to play games and come out with a normal scoreline. Your team suffers because stats aren't tuned to game length, meaning lower ppg and individual stats.

Add these problems up and it's clear 2K failed to hit that next level of immersion. Or frankly any immersion at all.

Ways 2K can improve MyGM

nba 2K21 mygm ranked gm mode next gen
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Choose Ranked or Unranked for different MyGM experiences

But there's still plenty of potential for NBA 2K21's GM Mode to save the day.

For starters, 2K Games would be smart to completely rehaul dialogue and the way it impacts trust/morale. To spend two loading screens and countless skips all for +2 trust and morale is just ridiculous, even if the writing becomes tolerable and customized. And to have dialogue and relationships center around chit-chatting rather than substantive conversation is a huge flaw.

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Changing Ranked season settings to actually reflect real game-time like the rest of the league is also a necessary step. That is if 2K want to keep Ranked around at all.

And if 2K want to grow immersion, integrating the cut scenes and storytelling of modes like MyCareer is a must.

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