NBA 2K21 Next Gen: MyNBA puts you at the centre of the game on PS5 & Xbox Series X

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The new features for NBA 2K21 on Next Gen just keep coming, with players on PS5 and Xbox Series X getting a completely new experience.

2K has now revealed MyNBA - a revamp to league management, laying the groundwork for the future of the series.

Bye-bye MyLeague

After the recent announcement that The Neighborhood was being overhauled into The City - the next modes that are getting reformed are MyLeague and MyGM.

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SETUP TIME - MyNBA comes with heaps of options and variables

In MyNBA, players can create their own league and manage at both the GM and commissioner levels with unprecedented levels of control.

New Features

Here's what you should watch out for in the Next Gen version of NBA 2K21:

G League is back... and playable

You can now play a full schedule of G League games in MyNBA in NBA 2K21.

All the games are fully playable, but can also be simulated viaquick sim, SimCast, or the interactive SimCast Live, and with all the jump-in and jump-out capabilities that you get with NBA games.

Boom or Bust Revamped

Younger players in the league will now have a more dynamic growth path using the Boom/Bust system.

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BOOM OR BUST - Until age 23, the game will determine the player's potential based on various factors

Players can have low and high-potential floors, low and high-potential ceilings, and a probability to boom, bust, or hit somewhere in between.

Get Sharing

The 2K Share Setups is a way for the community to share mode setup options.

With 2K Share Scenarios, you can upload save progress inyour MyNBA, having set up different scenarios and challenges for other community members to overcome.

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LAY DOWN THE GAUNTLET - It's up to you to set the ultimate challenge

For instance, maybe you’ve setup a scenario where you’re in control of the Clippers and down 3 games to 0 in the Western Conference Finals against the rival Los Angeles Lakers.

You want to see if other members of the community will take on the challenge of coming back from a 3-0 deficit against LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Playoff Rondo, and the rest of the Lakers crew.

Anything Else?

Tattoos return after being removed for the Current Gen version of NBA 2K21.

It has a base in the the MyPLAYER tattoo system, and are better than ever!

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HIGH DETAIL - Tattoos return with greater options

You are no longer limited to being General Manager for just one team, you can run the whole NBA, it's just up to you whether that's the full 36 or a reduced 12-team competition.

MyNBA Setup Options

The first box you’ll see when you start a new MyNBA save will be the MyNBA Setup Options.

These options include:

  • Fantasy Draft
  • *NEW* Customize League Rules
  • Custom Roster
  • Customize League
  • Customize Salary Cap
  • Customize Simple Settings
  • Customize Advanced Settings

Each of these, when enabled, will add new steps to the setup flow that will allow you to further customize the mode on a much deeper level.

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In Customize League you can re-align teams, replace existing teams, or add new classic, all-time, or custom teams to the league, and – new to NBA 2K21 – remove teams from the league.

This makes it possible for users to try and recreate past seasons where the NBA didn’t have 30 teams or just have a smaller league to support a more concise MyNBA Online experience.

Play with Friends

Enabling this option will make a MyNBA Online league, and it will have all of your customization options available to you.

You don't have to find another 29 players to fill out a 30-team league. you can cut the league size down to as low as 12.

The next-gen version of NBA 2K21will be released on Tuesday, 10November for Xbox Series X|S globally and Thursday, 12 November for PlayStation 5.

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