NBA 2K21: MyTEAM Promos Wishlist - New Cards, New Modes, IRL Boosts, MyTEAM Unlimited & More

With NBA 2K21's release fast approaching, it's time to look deeper into some of those fan favourite games modes.

The Ultimate-Team-esque MyTEAM is one of the most popular modes in the 2K Sports title. Here are some new promos that we would like to see in the upcoming game to make it even better!

Promos in 2K20

Let's begin with the promos that 2K have used in NBA 2K20 and there have been plenty of them, more than we can count!

Most of them have been centred around packs and new cards that you can pick up in-game in these limited-time promos.

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FUTURE! The NBA NEXT campaign featured the best of the upcoming draft candidates

The likes of the promo Super Pack returned, whilst there was also some new packs that came to 2K this year, the NEXT packs - which featured players predicted to rank highly in the upcoming NBA Draft - was a nice addition.

Rewarding Real-Life Performances

Now this is a promo that we think would be a huge success.

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Loosely based around FIFA's 'Ones to Watch' series, 2K could add a set of players, all of which have their own IRL objectives which, if completed, would see their 2K card increase in rating for those who own it.

Maguire ones to watch 85 fut 1
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NBA OTW? The FIFA OTW promo has been a huge success

For instance, every time Luka Doncic drops a triple-double IRL, his rating would go up by one overall in-game. Every time Steph Curry makes five or more threes, his rating would increase, and so on.

This would make the link between real-life NBA and 2K even stronger, we feel as though this would be a worthy addition for sure.

Level the Playing Field

This promo wouldn't focus on packs so much, more on helping to level the field when it comes to playing the game.

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It's no secret that NBA 2K is a game that is heavily centred around the use of microtransactions, and we can't see that changing when NBA 2K21 comes around.

MyTEAM Unlimited Rewards
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Rewards! You can pick up some big rewards in MyTEAM Unlimited. But at what cost?

However what we would like to see - for those who don't want to invest a lot of money into the game - is a mode that levels the playing field for those who don't have the greatest teams, making the game more enjoyable as a result.

There could be a rating cap in a separate version of MyTEAM Unlimited - meaning those with lesser rated teams will come up against similar ranked squads, meaning they won't be blown out by an elite squad of Galaxy Opals!

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