NBA 2K20: Best young small forwards (under 25) - Giannis, Simmons & more

The NBA season is still a few weeks away, but if you can't wait to get back on the court then NBA 2K20 is here to save you. Full of new features and improved gameplay it is already wowing players.

The small forward position has become one of the most player-heavy positions in recent years, with generational talents such as LeBron James and Giannis playing this position, it is not only one of the most played but hardest to guard. A lot of NBA 2K20 players are also making their MyPlayer builds the small forward position, so it is indeed a popular one for sure. 

Finding a young small forward to build your team around is one of the most sure-fire paths to success in MyLeague modes, but which players should you try and develop your Championship side with?

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Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks - 96 OVR

Age: 24

Yes, Giannis is under 25, this surprised us too. The Greek Freak is the reigning MVP this coming season and has exploded his dominance throughout the NBA these last few seasons, and yes once again he is only 24, mind-blowing.

Watch out for Giannis this season as he could very well repeat as the MVP as there may be no one that can stop him.

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Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers - 87 OVR

Age: 23

Compared to LeBron James throughout his short NBA career thus far, Simmons is a 6'10" point guard/small forward mix who has become the catalyst for the rising 76ers. 

Although Simmons has literally no jump shot, he is one of the most aggressive and attacking small forwards in the game.

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Jayson Tatum - Boston Celtics - 85 OVR

Age: 21

Tatum was the third pick back in the 2017 NBA Draft and ever since has cemented himself as one of the leagues brightest young players. Whether he is scoring from the perimeter or backing down a defender and fading away for the easy two, Tatum makes it look easy no matter what offensive move he whips out of his arsenal.

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Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans - 81 OVR

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Age: 22 

Ingram was another member of the young Los Angeles Lakers core that was a part of the blockbuster Anthony Davis trade.

Although he has not found the form that many NBA analysts thought he would reach yet he has shown flashes and we can expect more this season.

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Andrew Wiggins, Minnesota Timberwolves - 79 OVR

Age: 24

Wiggins is one of the more interesting players in the NBA.

Before his NBA Draft he was one of the most covered and talked about college players of all time. With expectations sky-high going into the NBA it seemed nearly impossible for Wiggins to achieve the status many thought he could.

Struggling in his first few seasons he looks to rebound and prove the doubters wrong. 

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Justice Winslow, Miami Heat - 78 OVR

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Age: 23

The Miami Heat have been trying to rebuild their side ever since the era of LeBron, but Winslow has been one of the bright spots for them over these years. The small forward to touted for his impeccable defense along with his ball-handling skills.

Kelly Oubre Jr, Phoenix Suns - 78 OVR

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Age: 23

Oubre has bounced around between three teams so far in his short NBA career. This most recent year for the Suns he managed to put up a solid 16 points per game and looks to improve as the Suns are finally heading in the right direction after years of failure.

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