NBA 2K20: All Celebrities and Rappers on 2K20 so far – Lil Pump & More

Basketball and Hip-Hop culture go hand-in-hand, and 2K are bringing them closer than ever.

by Louis Hutchinson

Famous rapper Lil Pump, known for his ‘mumble’ rap hit Gucci Gang will be one of many celebrities to feature in the new NBA 2K20 game.

2K have used the same scanning technology they used on the players to make celebrities come to live within their game, which drops on 6 September.

This isn’t the first time 2K have scanned famous figures within the 2K community and allowed them to play as themselves on NBA 2K.

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Last year, YouTuber Chris Smoove was fully scanned in and was able to play as himself with a near perfect resemblance to his real life appearance.

Chris has been a lead figure in the community for years and has recently been acknowledged alongside other up-and-coming YouTubers by the developers at 2K.

Lil Pump

The controversial teen will feature in NBA 2K20 with his flamboyant hairstyle and face tattoos. Unfortunately, only Lil Pump can play as himself. However, you will be able to play against him on the Neighborhood if you see him.

Ben Baller

Celebrity jeweler Ben Yang AKA Ben Baller will feature alongside Lil Pump in NBA 2K20. 

Founder of Icee Fresh Jewels has had an A-list client base comprising Drake, Kanye West, Nas & more. He is most famously known for creating the late Michael Jackson’s diamond encrusted belt buckles.

Lethal Shooter 

NBA shooting coach Chris Matthews AKA Lethal Shooter is known for training the very best shooters in the league. He played professionally across Europe and Canada but made his himself known through videos of him shooting three pointers on Instagram.

If you are up against him on the park, be sure to guard him closely as he is known to shoot and score from distance.

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