NBA 2K20: Best Brooklyn Nets team you can buy on MyTEAM - Irving, Dinwiddie, Durant & more

2020 might not be the Brooklyn Nets year, but 2021 may well be.

That is because that is when we are likely to see Kevin Durant take to the court in NYC and team up with fellow new Brooklyn man and dynamic duo partner, Kyrie Irving.

Durant’s injury woes have left this season as somewhat of an experimental campaign for the Nets, who at the time of writing sit seventh in the Eastern Conference with a record of 14 wins and 12 losses.The Nets have won two championships in their history (1974 and 1976) however both of those came during their ABA days, before the merger with the NBA, so that elusive first NBA title still eludes them.

This team is made up primarily of current Nets stars, with four of the five currently signed to the Nets, however, there is one former Nets player in there, but we forgive you if you don’t remember him...

Here is the best Nets starting five that you can buy on MyTEAM today!

PG - Kyrie Irving (OVR 94)

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Card type: MomentsBest stats: 98 hustle, 98 shot IQ, 98 ball handleCost: 95k

Speaking of that dynamic duo, current Nets point guard Kyrie Irving is the first name in this five.

Kyrie turned heads across the NBA community in the summer when he opted against re-signing with the Celtics in favor of a move to the Big Apple with the Brooklyn Nets. Load management and injuries have meant that Kyrie hasn’t got off to the dream start he would have hoped for but there’s plenty of time to turn that around.This card is very offense heavy. His playmaking and athleticism (89 and 90 respectively) are the keys to his game and given his crazy handles IRL, Kryie comes in with a crazy 98 rated ball handle on this card. His defense (69) may cause you some issues though, with his 82 rated reaction time his only 80+ rated stat in that department.

SF - Spencer Dinwiddie (OVR 91)

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Card type: Moments of the WeekBest stats: 98 shot IQ, 97 stamina, 95 handsCost: 10k

One player who is relishing his time on court this season is shooting guard Spencer Dinwiddie.

Used primarily as a point guard in Kyrie’s absence, Dinwiddie has averaged 21 points per game through his first 26 games of the season. He earned this Moments of the Week card in week five of the competition after putting up three consecutive 20 points games in wins against the Hornets, Kings and Knicks.

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He received a significant boost from his 79 rated base card, jumping to a 91 OVR. Dinwiddie has two tendencies at a maximum 99, namely spot up shot 3pt and play discipline. So don’t expect to have much success if you’re firing off audacious efforts with the shooting guard.

SF - Kevin Durant (OVR 90)

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Card type: ‘20 NBA Best stats: 97 shot IQ, 92 offensive consistency, 90 shot contestCost: 18k

He may not play for Brooklyn until next season, but that doesn’t stop Kevin Durant from being small forwards the Nets have to offer in 2K20.

The Nets picked up Durant from the Warriors on a four-year contract, worth an estimated $164 million, somewhat of a gamble given Durant’s recent injury troubles. The chances of Durant taking to the court this campaign are little to zero, with the Nets hoping that the 2014 MVP can recapture his old form from next season onwards.

A 90-rated base card makes Durant the joint highest default small forward in the game. Durant is a ball-dominant player as indicated by his 99 rating in the touches tendency. 18k for a 90 rated base card is pretty good value, so be sure to go and try him out.

PF - ‘15 Andrei Kirilenko (OVR 84)

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Card type: SpotlightBest stats: 92 shot contest, 92 pick & roll defense IQ, 90 staminaCost: <1k

A trip across the point now with Russian born power forward Andrei Kirilenko.

Kirilenko was best known for his ten-year spell in Utah with the Jazz, however he ended his NBA career as a Brooklyn Net. Kirilenko was a three-time All-Defensive team member, making one All-Defensive First Team appearance in 2006 and two All-Defensive Second Team appearances in 2004 and 2005.

He led the NBA in blocks in 2005 with an average of 3.32 blocks per game.

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Given his defensive nature, it is no surprise to see that Kirilenko’s defending (83 OVR) is the best key attribute on this card. In all honesty, the rest is quite average however in fairness, every key attribute is 70 rated or higher. He isn’t going to be the man to win you games though.

C - Jarrett Allen (OVR 85)

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Card type: Moments of the WeekBest stats: 94 block, 92 stamina, 90 defensive consistencyCost: 1k

It’s a trip back to the present day for the final member of the five, with Jarrett Allen occupying the center role.

At just 21-years-of-age, the future looks bright for the 6’11” center, who was the 22nd overall pick in the 2017 draft. The big center is well known for his rebounding ability, leading the Brookyln averages in that department so far this season with 10.4 rebounds per game.

He received a Moments of the Week card in week six after scoring 22 points and putting up 21 rebounds in the 108-106 win over the Cavaliers.

Given his ridiculous ability on the boards, the 88 OVR in rebounding that this card has seems somewhat harsh, but at 6’11”, he should still win most of those aerial duels. His stamina is surprisingly high for a big man (92 OVR), whilst his 94 block will come up trumps in the paint.

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