NBA 2K20: Golden State Warriors MyLeague Guide - Best players, path to the final & more

Where do we start with the Golden State Warriors?

The off-season departure of Kevin Durant alongside the injuries to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have left the Warriors in a position which they have not faced in a long time. They currently sit bottom of the Western Conference with a 4-15 record so far this season.

During the Steve Kerr era, the Warriors have created one of the finest dynasties the NBA has ever seen, with three titles in the last five years (2015, 2017 and 2018).


Times are changing in Dub City and the rebuilding era is now upon them.

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They still possess one of the better sides on NBA 2K20 and are definitely one of the more favoured sides for players to select in MyLeague.

Here is our guide to success should you decide you want to try and change the Warriors' fortunes in 2K20.

Squad overview

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The Golden State Warriors are rated 83 OVR in MyLEAGUE on 2K20, given an 92 rating for offense and a 83 rated defense.


They have one of the biggest fan interests with 93% and given their recent success, they have a large market size. READ MORE: NBA 2K20: MOTW 6 Prediction

Their squad is decent too. The star man is obviously two-time MVP Stephan Curry (95 OVR), with Klay Thompson (89 OVR), D’Angelo Russell (87 OVR) and Draymond Green (85 OVR) the other key men in the Warriors setup.

Stephen Curry, Point Guard (OVR 95)

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Age: 31


Best stats: 99 three point shot, 98 shot IQ, 98 offensive consistency

Salary: $40.23M

Contract length: 3 years

As previously stated, the star man for the Warriors is the chef himself, Steph Curry.

The 31-year-old is widely recognised as one of, if not THE best three point shooter in the history of the NBA highlighted by his 99-rated three ball on 2K20.

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Whilst there is no better feeling than sinking a three, you can cook with Chef Curry from pretty much wherever you please. He has a 91-rated close and a 91-rated mid shot as well as 98 shot IQ and 98 offensive consistency. He is going to score you a LOT of points.

At 31 years of age, Steph still has plenty of life left in him yet and should you remain with the Warriors for the long term, he will be the key man for you for years to come.


Klay Thompson, Shooting Guard (OVR 89)

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Age: 29


Best stats: 95 three point shot, 95 defensive consistency, 94 overall durability

Salary: $32.74M

Contract length: 5 years

You couldn’t have any one splash brother without the other. The second key man in this Golden State Warriors side is shooting guard Klay Thompson

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Like Curry, Klay is a consistent threat from deep, with his 95-rated three point shot making him one of the best in the game this year.

Another key to Thompson's high rating is his impressive work at the other end of the court. The shooting guard has 90-rated perimeter defense, which is 17 higher than the position average of 73, as well as a massive 95 rating in defensive consistency.


Eric Paschall, Power Forward (OVR 79)

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Age: 22

Best stats: 95 hands, 95 hustle, 90 mid range


Salary: $898k

Contract length: 2 years

The standout draft pick for the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 NBA Draft was the Villanova University power forward Eric Paschall. Paschall was the 41st overall pick in the second round of the 2019 draft. Although, the way this season is going, the Warriors may be looking at a higher pick next year.

He is a 79 overall which makes him the highest rated current Warrior outside of the big four and in game he feels strong too. His mid range game is as good as any PF you’re likely to find and on just $898k a season, you really cant complain.

Contracts and Finances

There are three players who are registered in the contract extensions. They are Alec Bucks (OVR 76), Glenn Robinson III (OVR 75) and Marquese Chriss (OVR 74).

However, unfortunately all three of these men are ineligible for an extension as they were all signed on short term contracts – NBA players are only eligible for an extension if the length of their initial contract was four years or more.


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The issue with the Warriors is that they are quite significantly overdrawn in their Salary Cap Room.

-$29.77M makes them one of the biggest spenders in the NBA in the salary department. They are also one of only six NBA teams to be negative in the Luxury Tax Room at -$6.77M.

This will cause issues for any future signings or contract extensions you may wish to complete.

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NEGATIVE! The Warriors finances aren't looking too pretty...


That being said, new signings isn’t too important currently with the Warriors. They have top quality talents in both guards and the power forward spot, whilst Klay can also play small forward to allow D’Angelo into the side to boost that starting five.

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Willie Cauley-Stein (OVR 78) and Kevin Looney (OVR 77) offer decent options in the center spots and with significant issues in the finance department, they will have to do for the time being.

Path to the title

The path to the title may be more straightforward than it seems.

The key to the title is keeping your stars healthy.

Klay and Curry are both injured in real life and are injury prone in the game, so rotation is going to be key.

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SWEPT! A season sim has the Warriors being swept in the first round. Can you do better?


So don’t worry about having the best record in the league or ensuring you get that number one seed, the starting five is good enough to beat anyone in the playoffs IF it's healthy.

Ensure you give the Splash Brothers enough rest, try and get a top four seed and then unleash them to rain down the threes in the playoffs!

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