Is NBA 2K24 Down? Server status, downtime & more

NBA 2K24 Devin Booker

NBA 2K24 Devin Booker

There is nothing worse than getting home from school or work and not being able to play your favourite game, but the NBA 2K24 server status might just make that a reality.

It's a sad part of modern gaming that your ability to enjoy the game you paid for depends on external servers, but that's the world we are in. So how can you make sure that you're able to play when you want? Let's take a look!

Are NBA 2K24 servers down?

Right now the NBA 2K24 servers are not down. Everything is running smoothly for NBA 2K24 which is great to see! The servers were down for a brief period of time on 25 September as Patch 1.3 went live and forced 2K to restart the servers. However, the servers were up and running in no time.

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The NBA 2K server status can always change in an instant. The most typical reason for servers going offline is maintenance. Usually done once a week, developers will often choose a time that is least impactful for its player base. Given that NBA 2K24 sees its biggest player base in the USA, you can expect maintenance to happen in the small hours of the night over there.

That's not necessarily ideal for players in the rest of the world. But it is what it is!

How to check NBA 2K24 server status

If you are unable to access NBA 2K24 online modes the first thing to do is check server status.

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We will update this post when things go wrong, but you can also check which will tell you if specific platform servers are offline or if the issue is on your end rather than with 2K.

Error code 4b538e50

There is a common issue that can also stop players from getting online to play, which is error code 4b538e50. This issue can be solved, but it needs the 2K servers to be up!

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