Best Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K24

Best playmaking badges in NBA 2K24

Best playmaking badges in NBA 2K24

Many NBA 2K24 fans enjoy the MyCAREER mode and know how MyPLAYER can be competitive. Playmakers make basketball a more exciting and entertaining sport to watch. The playmaker is the one who controls the tempo, creates scoring opportunities and sets up his teammates – making them better on the court. The right playmaking badges will turn your player into a floor general, so let’s take a look at the best playmaking badges in NBA 2K24.

Enhance your player’s overall court vision, passing, and dribbling with proper playmaking badges. After getting the badges we highlighted for you in this guide, you will not have to worry about defences.

We present you the five best Playmaking badges in NBA 2K24.

Best playmaking badges in NBA 2K24

There are 16 playmaking badges in NBA 2K24, and we selected the best five in no particular order.

Ankle Breaker

In NBA 2K24, one of the most enjoyable aspects is showing off and outclassing your opponents. The Ankle Breaker badge is a valuable tool to help you do just that. This badge enables you to channel your inner Allen Iverson and cause defenders to stumble or fall if they pivot in the wrong direction during your step-backs or similar manoeuvres.


When it comes down to the wire, you need your shooters to be calm, making those critical shots. While they are responsible for their shots, how they receive a pass is also crucial. The Dimer badge gives shooters a boost. In a half-court setting, passes made by Dimers to open shooters increase the success rate of the latter, making it easier to swish wide-open opportunities.

Playmaking badges in NBA 2K24
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Playmaking badges in NBA 2K24


In certain scenarios, you must be quick to attack the court without hesitation. That's where Hyperdrive comes in. This badge increases a player’s speed to perform moving dribbling manoeuvres while attacking down the court, making them an even bigger threat for defenders who are attempting to keep up.


During clutch moments, players lose the ball due to defenders poking it out of their hands. The Unpluckable badge makes it harder for defenders to steal the ball away when they try to poke it out in NBA 2K24. While it doesn't make you untouchable, it will minimize turnovers.

Handles for Days

At times, passing the ball may not be the best option. If you know when you need to take more responsibility with the ball, you'll need all the energy you can get. The Handles for Days badge reduces the amount of energy players lose while performing back-to-back dribble manoeuvres. This badge can be the deciding factor in long games with heavy defender interaction, giving you that final push you need.

Here are another five notable playmaking badges in NBA 2K24:

  • Needle Threader
  • Break Starter
  • Ball Out
  • Killer Combos
  • Speed Booster

These were the best playmaking badges in NBA 2K24. Check out the best Shooting badges in NBA 2K24.

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