PUBG Mobile Season 14 Theme! - Leaked Skins, Cosmetics, Update 0.19.0, Royale Pass, Trailer and More!

PUBG Mobile has become a major presence in mobile gaming.

And with Season 14 just around the corner, we'll be getting some awesome new cosmetics to go along with the gameplay changes we got in Update 0.19.0.

Each PUBG Mobile season comes with its own theme which will dictate some of the unlockable cosmetics.

So what's the theme for PUBG Mobile in Season 14?

Season 14 Theme

The theme for PUBG Mobile Season 14 will be "Spark the Flame" - which appears to be taken different directions with different skins.

For the vehicle skins that have been leaked, this manifests as flames down the side and a bright color scheme.

For other skins, this theme seems to be taken more as a rebellion.

Leaked Cosmetics

Recently, we've got a good look at a host of new cosmetics that will be releasing during Season 14.

pubg mobile leaked skin season 14 6
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COMMANDER - What other skins will we see returning in Season 14?

These leaked skins came from the YouTube channel Classified YT.

In one of the first leaks, we got a look at characters like "Commander" and "Pharaoh".

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Royale Pass

With the release of Season 14, we'll be getting a brand new Royale Pass.

pubg mobile leaked skin season 14 3
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This is where players will grind out most of the exciting new cosmetics coming to PUBG Mobile.

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Season 14 Trailer

The Season 14 trailer contains some interesting details.

pubg mobile season 14 trailer 1
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COSMETICS - It seems Season 14 will contain some awesome cosmetics.

The trailer has a sort of Mad max feel with two leaders going head to head.

This trailer is called 'Spark the Flame' and hints at the skins having some sort of fire based theme.

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Release Date

Season 14 is set to release on 12 July 2020 but could be a day later, depending on your region.

pubg mobile season 14 weapon
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THEME - How does this new skin fit in with the new Theme.

With this release, we'll get the launch of the Royale Pass and Theme, which will follow up on the currently available Update 0.19.0.

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