Call of Duty Mobile: How to win more games on COD!

COD without a controller can be tough. The right settings and weapons are key to winning.

Call of Duty mobile is only a month old and yet, it is already one of the most popular mobile games.

This is largely due to the fact that Call of Duty mobile is honestly worth the hype, I mean, it has console-like graphics, fantastic gameplay and a good number of fun game modes.

Although, right now we only have multiplayer and battle royale, however, a campaign mode has been noted as ‘coming soon’ on the home screen.

If you are just getting into the game, then this guide would help you become a better player, making you a valuable asset to the rest of your team.

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Auto firing & Aim Assist

This is a very convenient and effective method for shooting your opponents, especially if you use your phone’s screen as your controller.

Instead of aiming at your opponent and then pressing shoot, you can simply set it so you fire whenever an opponent is within range – not only is this method quicker but it also helps you become more effective with your shots since all you have to worry about is your aim.

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To switch to autofire, jump into settings > controls, then in both MP (Multiplayer) and BR (Battle Royale) mode you can tap on ‘simple mode’.

You can also customize other actions to your preference by tapping on the Custom Layout button below, personally, I like to have my “melee” and “grenade throw” on the left-hand side of the screen, so I can use my right-hand to aim and then take action with my left hand, it makes me more deadly on the battlefield.

MODE – Simple is the setting you need to maximise your effectiveness!

In default cases, aim assist is set to ON but just in case, you can head to settings > basic, then toggle the aim assist switch ON.

ASSIST – Follow these settings and you will win more games!

Always Sprint

Another useful trick is to set your character to always sprint letting you quickly run from prone.

With this enabled, you don’t have to double-tap or drag on the virtual joystick to get your character to run – this is useful for escaping from your opponents when under heavy fire and it will also help you to quickly chase down opponents when attacking.

To activate, go to settings > basic, toggle on Quick Run(From Prone) and also Always Sprint.

FAST – Movement is your friend in Call of Duty!

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David Asamonye