LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Release date, trailer, story, gameplay footage, PS4, price, Xbox One & pre-order

The hotly-anticipated title will bridge the gap between photo-realism and LEGO games.

The LEGO Star Wars franchise. known for its stunning visuals and clunky aesthetic, returns to consoles in 2020, with The Skywalker Saga.

Players can start the game at any point in the Star Wars timeline, so jump in anywhere between A New Hope and The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s hard to believe that the first LEGO Star Wars instalment arrived around 15 years ago on the Game Boy Advance, and we are so glad that TT Games are back with potentially their strongest LEGO title to date.

If you’re here for the facts, then look no further. This piece is devoted to everything Star Wars and will be updated weekly with new information.

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The Skywalker Saga will include stories from all nine Star Wars films, including action from the upcoming film Episode IX.

The upcoming game is bridging the gap between photo-realism and Lego, making this game so much more than a family-friendly adventure.

Playing LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens a few years back, I found that it was an oddly incomplete experience.

UNMATCHED DEPTH: Experience every aspect of the whole saga, including the ice caves on Hoth

The whole film was there compressed into Lego form, and there were even extra missions and clips included to pad it out, yet it still felt a little too brief for a Lego game (considering how the experiences typically cover a whole movie trilogy).

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga feels like a direct response to that – and the appropriate next step for a video game series that has evolved so much since the very first edition, released nearly 15 years back.

The Skywalker Saga demo shown at E3 2019 confirmed that large open worlds will be making a return here, so you’ll need to reference the Galaxy Map in order to navigate between them.

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The map has grown far larger, and you are able to choose from multiple destinations on a single planet, such as Tatooine, Mos Eisley, Mos Espa or Anchorhead.

The multitude of map locations and story progressions put the reigns of the game in the hands of the player, and we’re absolutely living for it.

Release Date

The Skywalker Saga is planned to launch sometime in 2020, though neither TT Games nor Warner Bros. has specified when exactly this will be. 

ICONIC: Face familiar Star Wars foes like Boba Fett

It is pretty hard to pin down a pattern in the release dates of previous Lego video games without any teasers, so we’re playing it by ear for now.

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What we do know, however, is that the game will release for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.


TT Games promise to feature “every Star Wars character you can think of” in its playable roster, so expect to be able to choose from a list of hundreds of playable characters.

TIL THE END-OR: Will you save the Ewoks?

All of this will come together to build an authentic Star Wars adventure that’s going to be pretty unforgettable.

The Skywalker Saga is coming to Switch

YOU’RE NOT ALONE: Play with characters in the sequel triology

The Skywalker Saga is set for release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch, so you can now enjoy the long list of playable characters and sharp visuals on your handheld device.

Play with friends

Just like in previous lego games, the Skywalker Saga will be supporting local co-op play, but we haven’t received word on whether online multiplayer will be available.

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: Can you complete the Skywalker saga?

We look forward to playing with characters that behave with that tongue-in-cheek humour that we have come to expect from TT Games.

For more information on the upcoming Lego Star Wars game, bookmark this piece and listen out for our weekly updates.

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