Swing For The Fences With MLB The Show 24 At 40% Off!

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in MLB The Shoe 24 in a blue jersey and red gloves.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in MLB The Shoe 24 in a blue jersey and red gloves.

MLB The Show 24 steps up to the plate, bringing all the excitement of the major leagues, now at an unbeatable price of $38.96 on Nintendo Switch. That's a whopping 40% off the original price of $64.94 listed on G2A, or $59.99 directly from the Nintendo Store, thus making it a great sports game deal in our eyes.

Whether you're aiming to hit it out of the park in the Diamond Dynasty, craft the perfect season in Franchise mode, or rise through the ranks in Road to the Show, the latest MLB game has your needs covered with all the latest ratings, players, and more.

The game is barely a week old too, so getting the chance to pick it up for less already is incredibly rare. Should you go for glory though? We're going to break down the game to help you decide...

Should you buy MLB The Show 24?

With its latest installment, MLB The Show 24 brings you even closer to the real-life thrills of Major League Baseball. Featuring enhanced graphics, more realistic gameplay mechanics, and deeper customisation options, it’s the perfect pitch for baseball enthusiasts and gamers alike.

As mentioned in the introduction, there are a plethora of game modes to explore as well. There's Storylines mode for one, which transports you into baseball’s past to relive iconic moments from unsung and unknown heroes. There's also Road to the Show which sees you journey from the minors to the majors, Franchise mode where you can lead your own team to World Series glory, and, of course, Diamond Dynasty, where you can build a fantasy team of players from across all eras of baseball’s history. That's kind of only scratching the surface too, which makes the fact this game is on sale even better.

With that in mind, make sure you take advantage of this major league discount. MLB The Show 24 serves up the ultimate baseball experience. With this 40% off sale, it's easier than ever to step into the batter's box and play ball.

Stay tuned for more deals like this one here at RealSport. We have plenty more great discounts in store for you in the coming days...

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