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MLB The Show 23 is arguably the best baseball game ever, with the title giving players the option to change most settings to their liking. Among all the settings you can change, Sliders are the most important one. They allow you to recreate an even more realistic experience, making MLB The Show 23 even more immersive.

However, with so many different settings you can change inside Sliders, it can become a little hard to find the best ones. Some just need a little tweak, while others need to be changed drastically. Because of that, we decided to make an article that explains in depth what are the most realistic Sliders in MLB The Show 23.

So, without further ado, let's find out what are the most realistic Sliders in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 Most Realistic Sliders Settings

There are more than twenty different Sliders settings in MLB The Show 23, which can make it very time-consuming to find the most realistic ones. As mentioned above, this can be a very hard task. But don't worry, because we got you covered.

The most important Slider setting is Dynamic Difficulty Sensitivity. This setting affects the difficulty of the games you play. If you blow out one team, the dynamic difficulty will make the next game significantly harder, even if you are playing against a much weaker squad. This isn't very realistic, as it doesn't allow you to feel the real difference between teams. So, keep the setting at zero.

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There are many ways to customize your Sliders

Next, we have the pitch speeds. If you are hitting the ball way too well, you should consider increasing the pitch speeds. A good speed for any pitch would be about seven or eight. You don't want to hit almost every ball that is thrown your way if you have a weak team, as it wouldn't be very realistic. So, tuning the pitch speed is a great way to make the game feel real.

Another important setting you should change is the Trade Frequency. Having it at one seems to be perfect. That way, you don't have a massive number of ludicrous trades happening in Franchise mode. Instead, you have fewer trades, but they make much more sense and are also more impactful.

All The Realistic Sliders Settings

Below, you will find the complete list of the most realistic Sliders settings for MLB The Show 23.

  • Dynamic Difficulty Sensitivity: 0
  • Human Contac: 5
  • Human Power: 6
  • Human Timing: 5
  • Human Foul Frequency: 2
  • Human Solid Hits: 8
  • Human Starter Stamina: 6
  • Human Reliever Stamina: 5
  • Human Pitcher Control: 1
  • Human Pitcher Consistency: 2
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  • CPU Contact: 8
  • CPU Power: 3
  • CPU Timing: 3
  • CPU Foul Frequency: 1
  • CPU Solid Hits: 8
  • CPU Starter Stamina: 6
  • CPU Reliever Stamina: 5
  • CPU Pitcher Control: 9
  • CPU Pitcher Consistency: 6
  • CPU Strike Frequency: 5
  • CPU Manager Hook: 5
  • CPU Pickoffs: 6
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  • Fastball Pitch Speed: 6
  • Ofspedd Pitch Speed: 7
  • Fielding Errors Infield: 7
  • Fielding Errors Outfield: 6
  • Throwing Errors Infield: 6
  • Throwing Errors Outfield: 7
  • Fielder Run Speed: 5
  • Fielder Reaction: 5
  • Fielder Arm Strength Infield: 5
  • Fielder Arm Strength Outfield: 5
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  • Baserunner Speed: 5
  • Baserunner Steal Ability: 5
  • Baserunner Steal Frequency: 7
  • Wind: 5
  • Gameplay Injury Frequency: 5
  • Simulator Injury Frequency: 3
  • Trade Frequency: 1
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