MLB The Show 23: New Supercharged cards are here!


MLB The Show 23 has announced the return of the Supercharged Cards. This will give players who have a great game in real life huge attribute boosts in Diamond Dynasty for five days.

In MLB The Show 23, there will also be a weekly fan vote, that will let players choose the Supercharged Player of the Week. This player will then receive a 99 OVR and stats boosts during a whole week. It also means that there will be at least one Supercharged player every day throughout the 2023 season.

So, let's check out the first MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Cards.

MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Cards

As mentioned above, Supercharged Cards cards will receive some significant attribute boosts, that will last five days. This year, all the Supercharged Cards will also see their OVR in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty increase to 99.

The ratings of the cards will go back to normal the next weekday morning after a game. Players that have a great performance on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, will see their cards become Supercharged on the following Monday, at around 10 AM PT/ 6 PM GMT.

From every MLB match-up, will come out at least one Supercharged Card. These players will certainly be an upgrade for most MLB The Show 23 squads. Since you only need to have their base cards in your team, you can use plenty of Supercharged Cards in your team, without having to spend a Stub.

MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Adolis Garcia card
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Adolis Garcia is supercharged after a walk-off home run in Game 1 of the World Series!

Every week, from all the Supercharged Cards, players will be able to vote on a Twitter pool, to decide who is the Supercharged Player of the Week. This card will have their stats boosted for one week.

Every player in the MLB can have a great performance. Thanks to Supercharged Cards, fans will be able to utilize players they would otherwise never select for their active team. It gives users more options to choose from and keeps the teams' rotation fresh.

Supercharged Cards

As of right now, there are no Supercharged Cards. With the MLB season coming to an end, we don't expect to see any Supercharged Cards anytime soon.

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