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The Great Egg Hunt is part of the MLB The Show 23 Easter program, launched on 7 April. Its goal is to celebrate the Easter holiday and give players a chance to earn plenty of rewards during this festive season.

New MLB The Show 23 packs were released with some amazing players, and even a new conquest map was added. However, it's not that easy to find all the eggs. So, to help you complete The Great Egg Hunt program in a quick and easy way, we created this guide.

Without further ado, let's find out how to complete The Great Egg Hunt in MLB The Show 23

How to complete The Great Egg Hunt

The Great Egg Hunt is captivating the attention of many MLB The Show 23 players, as the program offers some incredible rewards. To win all of those rewards, players need to collect the nine hidden eggs. These eggs contain card packs, item packs, and an exclusive golden egg icon that you will win once you collect all the eggs.

However, it's not that easy to find all the eggs, since they are scattered throughout all the game modes of Diamond Dynasty. Some also have specific requirements you need to follow, which makes this egg search a little harder. But do not fear, because in this guide you will find out how to collect all nine eggs.

First, you need to go to the MLB The Show 23 main menu and click on the moments tab. Then, click on the other programs option, and select The Great Egg Hunt. After doing that, you need to complete all five moments of The Great Egg Hunt. Once that is done, you will receive egg one.

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To secure egg two, you need to beat four different teams in the classic Mini Seasons mode. Some players are having problems getting egg 2 since they are not receiving the egg even after completing the challenge. However, that is a game bug, and there isn't a lot you can do about it.

When it comes to egg three, you just need to conquer a team's stronghold in a conquest map. It doesn't need to be any team in specific. So, just jump in a conquest map of your choosing, and conquer one stronghold.

Egg four is also pretty easy to acquire. All you need to do is hit a home run in a battle royale match. You don't need to finish the game. As soon as you hit the home run, just quit the game. It will save you plenty of time, and you will still receive the egg.

For egg number five, you need to play a ranked game. You don't need to win it, but make sure you finish the game. As for egg number six, the challenge is a little bit more complicated. You will need to have five combined walks to secure egg 5. However, you don't need to do them all in one game, so take your time on this one.

To collect egg seven, you will need to reach1000 PXP with Egg Hunt Program Cards. As mentioned above, there are great cards you will earn as you collect the eggs, so this shouldn't be hard. With the spectacular Catfish Hunter being the first player from the program you unlock, you can use him to complete egg seven.

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Egg eight has a very specific challenge. You will need to win a player vs CPU game, versus either the Blue Jays, Cardinals, or the Baltimore Orioles. The game needs to have nine innings, and that's why you can't complete this challenge on conquest.

Last but not least, we have egg nine. To claim egg nine, and finish The Great Egg Hunt program, simply play a full events game.

After gathering all the eggs, you will have received, 95 OVR Catfish Hunter, 96 OVR Alex Bregman, 95 OVR Gregory Soto, 97 OVR George Springer, and also 97 OVR Reggie Jackson. Furthermore, you will also have earned five Show packs, one Ballin pack, and two exclusive icons.

These players will provide your team with a massive upgrade and will win you plenty of games. So, be sure to follow all the steps mentioned above to get your hands on them as fast as possible.

Supercharged Cards return to Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 23 has announced the return of the Supercharged Cards. This will give players that have a great game in real life huge attribute boosts in Diamond Dynasty for five days.

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Adam Duvall is the first Supercharged player of the week of MLB The Show 23

Supercharged Cards are an easy way to improve your team since you just need to have the players' base cards. Every week new Supercharged Cards will come out. So, if you want to be up to date with all the players that get Supercharged, be sure to check our MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Cards guide. The article is constantly being updated.

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