MLB The Show 23: How to never lose in Showdown mode

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MLB The Show 23 Showdown is one of the single-player modes you can play on Diamond Dynasty. It puts you against some of the best players in baseball history with a squad you draft, and then upgrade from game to game.

Showdown mode will allow you to gain many rewards such as players, stubs, or items. However, some of the challenges in Showdown are not the easiest to complete. So, we created this guide to make it easier for you to complete all of the MLB The Show 23 Showdown challenges in an easy and quick way.

Let's find out how to never lose in MLB The Show 23 Showdown mode without further ado.

How To Never Lose In Showdown Mode

The Showdown is one of the most interesting single-player game modes in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty. It gives players the opportunity to test their skills against baseball legends, and also work on their game against some tough opponents.

In MLB The Show 23 Showdown mode, you can also experiment with some great players that are not part of your squad. This makes the game mode even more entertaining.

Before each game, you will be able to draft new players, and you need to make sure you choose as many great hitters as possible. Even if you have to play them out of position. Since you are going to play only on offence, having great hitters should be your only worry.

However, before you start drafting your team, you should first check who you are going to face. To do that, just press the B or Circle button, and you will exit the draft phase. Check if you are playing against a left-handed pitcher or a right-handed one.

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You will have the opportunity to upgrade your team as you complete challenges

Then, draft a team that will give you the best chance of winning. So, if you are against a right-handed pitcher, pick hitters that are strong against right-handed pitchers.

One very important thing in Showdown Mode is your perks. If possible, you want to pick hero time and down but not out. Preferably, you want to have hero time in diamond, gold and silver, and if that is the case, then you can just use this perk since it's the most well-rounded one.

Previous to every game, make sure to build your squad, and select the best perks for your next opponent. This might be a little bit boring, but it will make your games much easier.

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There are plenty of challenges you need to complete in MLB The Show 23 Showdown Mode, and all of them are unique

It's also fundamental that you choose players with a high clutch attribute since it directly impacts their ability to make contact with the ball. If a player has a low clutch attribute, then either put them at the bottom of the lineup or leave them off.

Finally, the most important thing you must do when playing MLB The Show 23 Showdown, is playing it safe. Don't try to go for a home run every time you are at the plate. Bunt the runner over, and that will allow you to get easy runs. Otherwise, the CPU will probably find a way to get a double-play, making your life much harder.

MLB The Show 23 controls


To constantly win in Showdown mode, you need to first master all the MLB The Show 23 controls. There are plenty of mechanics you need to get the hang of, and some of them might take you some time to perfect. But don't worry, in our MLB The Show 23 controls guide, we cover everything you need to know to become an MLB The Show 23 god.

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Learn the ins and outs of all the MLB The Show 23 controls

There are four main aspects to the controls: hitting, pitching, fielding, and baserunning. We dissect every single one in this guide, and give you all the tools you need to complete challenges, hit homers, and ultimately claim glory on the baseball diamond.

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