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Selling players is one of the best ways to get Stubs in MLB The Show 23. With more Stubs, you can get better cards. These cards will help you improve your Diamond Dynasty team, and win more games.

The fastest way to get Stubs for one of your cards is by using the quicksell option. It might not give you the biggest amount of Stubs you could receive for that card. But when you are trying to get rid of a card that no one is buying, it's the best option.

So, without further ado, let's find out the quicksell values of every MLB The Show 23 card tier.

MLB The Show 23 Quicksell Values

In MLB The Show 23, every card tier has a different quicksell value. Inside those tiers, higher-rated players have a bigger quicksell value. This means that, depending on the tier of your card, and its OVR, the quicksell value will vary.

Common cards are worth just five Stubs, while bronze cards' quicksell value is 25 Stubs for all ratings. It's in the silver tier that we see the quicksell value starting to vary, depending on the card OVR.

For 75 OVR silver cards, you will get 50 Stubs if you quicksell them. 76 OVR go for 75 Stubs, 77 OVR for 100 Stubs, 78 OVR for 125 Stubs, and 79 OVR go for 150 Stubs. As you can see, it's not a very high price, but it will still earn you some Stubs.

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This 99 OVR spectacular Vida Blue card would go for 1000 Stubs if you decided to quicksell it.

MLB The Show 23 gold cards are worth considerably more. 80 OVR gold cards go for 400 Stubs, 81 OVR for 600 Stubs, 82 OVR for 900, 83 OVR for 1200, and 84 OVR for 1500 Stubs. They are arguably speaking the cards with the best quicksell value when compared to their real worth. Many of them are not insane cards, and they offer a decent value.

The MLB The Show 23 diamond tier has the biggest variance in quicksell prices. 85 OVR players, which are the lowest in the tier, quicksell for 3000 Stubs. 86 OVR cards go for 3750 Stubs, 87 OVR for 4500 Stubs, 88 OVR for 5500 Stubs, 89 OVR for 7000 Stubs, 90 OVR for 8000 Stubs, and 91 OVR for 9000 Stubs.

Between the 92-99 OVR, all the cards quicksell for 1000 Stubs.

What Does H/9 Mean

There are many stats and variables to measure pitching stats in MLB The Show 23. Some are more important than others. Normally, you want your pitcher to have them as high as possible. But that is not the case when it comes to H/9.

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Shohei Ohtani is one of the best pitchers in MLB The Show 23

So, if you want to learn everything about H/9, and how important the stat is, check out our What Does H/9 Mean In MLB The Show 23 guide.

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