What Does H/9 Mean In MLB The Show 23?



There are many stats and variables to measure pitching stats in MLB The Show 23. Some are more important than others. Normally, you want your pitcher to have them as high as possible.

Pitching attributes such as K/9, stamina, or break, are very important. These stats alone can transform a good pitcher into a great one. But while you want to have these attributes very high, the same is not the case for H/9, and we will explain why.

So, without further ado, let's understand what H/9 means in MLB The Show 23, and just how important it is.

What H/9 Means In MLB The Show 23

Contrary to the majority of attributes you find in MLB The Show 23, you want your pitcher to have the lowest H/9 rating possible. That's because H/9 refers to hits allowed in innings pitched. So, a high H/9 means your player allows opponents to make contact with the ball regularly.

You will allow more runs if your opponents constantly hit the ball. This makes it much harder to win a game. There are some great pitchers with a high H/9. However, since the remaining stats of these pitchers are so good, they outweigh the H/9 impact.

Having a great break stat, not allowing many home runs, throwing balls at an astonishing speed, and especially having a high clutch attribute, are much more important.

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Despite having a high H/9 Vida Blue's remaining stats make him one of the best pitchers in the game

You need to account for all the metrics when selecting your pitchers. Having a low H/9 is great. However, if his clutch is low, he allows plenty of home runs and has a low K/9, he won't win you many games.

Ideally, you want to pick pitchers who have a low H/9, while the remaining stats are very high. If you can't find them, or can't afford them for your Diamond Dynasty team. Then, focus more on the other attributes, since they are more important.

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