MLB The Show 22: Supercharged Christian Yelich goes up to 93 OVR in Diamond Dynasty

A new player has been Supercharged in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty. Christian Yelich, the Left Fielder for the Brewers is the lucky candidate.

He definitely deserves it after the game he was able to put together and we have the ratings for you right here.

Let's take a look at the latest update to this Diamond Dynasty card.

Supercharged Chrisitan Yelich

The Yelich event card has been boosted to a 93 OVR in MLB The Show 22 from the original rating of 76 OVR. This comes on the heels of an incredible game against the Reds.

Unfortunately, the Brewers lost to the Reds, but Yelich hit his third career cycle, becoming only one of five players since 1901 to do it.

You can head to the Diamond Dynasty Marketplace if you'd like to pick this card up. Currently, the going rate is only 1,100 Stubs.

It's important to remember that in just 48 hrs, the card will revert back to the 76 OVR rating that it was before in MLB The Show 22.

Here are the boosted ratings for this card:

  • CON R - 62 OVR +50
  • CON L - 58 OVR +10
  • POW R - 70 OVR + 40
  • POW L - 67 OVR + 10
  • VIS - 50 OVR + 45

He's a left-handed batter who works well against RHP's so he could be a solid addition at least for a few days.

MLB The Show 22 Update 1.06

There's a good chance we'll see an update for MLB The Show 22 by next week. There was a recent update, but it wasn't a notable one.

MLB The Show 22 Update 1.03 was the first large patch after launch arriving on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. It was followed by another one just 13 days after.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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NEW UPDATES: Expect some updates in Diamond Dynasty soon

Based on these timelines, we've surmised that the next MLB The Show 22 update will be on May 17, 2022.

This update will come slightly before the Summer Circuit tournament, fixing bugs before the first circuit of MLB The Show 22.

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